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Gaya Travel Magazine team flew to Turkey’s culinary capital,  Gaziantep, on Turkish Airlines. This destination is renowned for lahmacun (delicious flat-crusted pizza topped with spicy meat and herbs), baklava (Turkish pastry sweetened by sherbet, which is a light syrup made from sugar, water, and lemon juice) and kofte (meatball cooked with paste made of cracked wheat and meat then fried). Read on to know what to do in Gaziantep!

Dato' Chef Ismail on plane in Business Class with Flying Chef

Dato’ Chef Ismail being explained by Turkish Airlines’ Flying Chef about Business Class signature candle-light dinner at 30,000 feet.

1. Buy baklava Omer Gullu of Gulluoglu store.

Omer Gullu is the fifth generation of the family that established the baklava brand Gulluoglu since 1871. Tip: When eating baklava, turn the piece upside down so that the bottom of the baklava hits your palate as it enters your mouth.  


Among the shapes of Baklava

Among the shapes of baklava prepared at Omer Gullu’s workshop are the typical square and the triangle called sobiyet

2. Dine at Imam Cagdas, Gaziantep’s most famous restaurant.

Try its dishes like alenazik (char-grilled smoked eggplant puree mixed with yoghurt and topped with tender lamb stew), baklava and homemade ayran (Turkish yoghurt drink) served in a bowl with ladle.

3. Eat kebabs and other dishes like lamb chop and grilled chicken at Usta Kadir.

Make sure you also enjoy the kunefe(crispy cheese-filled pastry dessert).

Inviting piece of kunefe served at Usta Kadir

Inviting piece of kunefe served at Usta Kadir



4. Check out Bakircilar Carsisi (Handcrafted Copper Bazaar), Almaci Bazaar and Zincirli Bedestan.

Shop for spices, food, and take photos here.



5. Drink pistachio coffee at Tahmis Kahvesi or Tahmis Cafe.

This café has nostalgic setting that offers interesting experience. The café also has another wing located right across the street, offering a more garden-like atmosphere.

Pistachio coffee at Tahmis Kahvanesi

Pistachio coffee at Tahmis Kahvanesi

6. Dine or enjoy drinks at Bayazhan courtyard.

This impressively restored building was formerly an inn first constructed in 1904 but now home to a restaurant, pub, and event space. 

Dining in the courtyard of Bayazhan

Dining in the courtyard of Bayazhan

7. Visit Zeugma Mosaic Museum to admire ancient mosaic designs.

Some of the mosaics are 2,000 years old, salvaged from the ruins of public baths and villas found around the area.

Zeugma Mosaic Museum

Zeugma Mosaic Museum

Read more about Gaziantep here:


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  1. duniaqtoy says:

    i always curious how kebab real taste in turkey because most people say it’s really different

    • Gaya Travel says:

      The difference is their kebab is not prepared like in Malaysia. And they prefer their kebab comes with muttons! Probably in Malaysia the kebab is more Malaysianized! Haha!


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