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When you’re going to an island, you definitely have your own bucket list on what to do there. Check the following activities to see whether you would like to do them when you are in Tioman, which are quite varied!

1. Snorkelling

Snorkelling is a must-do activity when you’re in Tioman! The water is crystal clear that you can see all the fish and corals beneath you. You can snorkel anywhere in Tioman, but the best spots for snorkelling are Pulau Renggis, Marine Park and Pulau Tomok.


2. Cycling

If you love to cycle, then you should rent a bicycle at Kampung Tekek or Kampung Juara and cycle around for MYR10 an hour. You can stop and get off your bike at any place that catches your attention to take photos. Some spots in Tioman are too far to reach on foot, so cycling is a good option for you to get there.

3. Discovery Scuba Diving (DSD)


Before diving, you need to fill in an indemnification form, and choose the diving suit according to your size. The instructors will then brief you on how to handle the equipment and what you should do underwater. The amount of time allocated for DSD is two hours, and best to do in the morning or afternoon as the water is at its clearest.


4. Jungle-Trekking

While riding on a four-wheel drive from Tekek to Juara, the driver told me that one of the famous activities in Tioman is jungle-trekking! But bear in mind, some tracks are challenging so DO NOT GO JUNGLE-TREKKING ALONE – it is best for you to hire an experienced jungle-trekker to guide you.

5. Island-Hopping

There are many small islands around Tioman, so you can take the chance to visit most of it. Island-hopping packages are usually included with snorkelling, so you don’t have to book separately. Enjoy the breeze, wind blowing in your face, and looking at the beautiful islands as you are whisked on a speedboat to the middle of the sea.

6. Rock– Climbing at Gunung Nenek Semukut

Gunung Nenek Semukut or ‘Dragon Horns’ offers a challenging rock-climbing experience. I was told that if anyone wishes to do rock-climbing, it requires around five days to scale it. Interestingly, only nine people have managed to reach the top of Gunung Nenek Semukut.

7. Dipping into the Waterfalls at Kampung Asah

Not many travellers know about this hidden gem in Tioman. If you’ve had enough of vitamin sea, head out to Kampung Asah for a refreshing dip at the waterfalls. You need to take the speedboat to Kampung Asah jetty and then hike for about 600 metres to reach the waterfalls.

8. Shopping at Duty-Free Shop

Believe it or not, there is a duty-free shop in Tioman. Chocolate lovers are definitely spoiled for choice. 

9. Witnessing Sunset at Marine Park

Besides snorkelling and playing near the beach, you can witness a beautiful sunset at Marine Park. Afterwards, walk to the nearby stalls and enjoy scrumptious island dinner there!


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