Tegudon Tourism Village

Tegudon Tourism Village in Sabah.


7 Ready Camping Spots in Malaysia

Some of the interesting campsites that you can visit in Malaysia!

Some of the interesting campsites that you can visit in Malaysia!

Can you imagine waking up in the morning and straight away witness the breathtaking sight of nature outside your tent? Those who do camping in Malaysia are treated to wondrously lush vegetation. On top of that, there are various activities that you can do when camping. Below are some of the interesting camping spots in Malaysia that you can explore:

1. Dangau Jungle Herb Sauna & Taman Melawati Campsite, Kuala Lumpur

Dangau Jungle Herb
Dangau Jungle Herb Campsite in Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur.

This camping site is located in the middle of an urban greenery, Taman Melawati in Kuala Lumpur. The atmosphere here is refreshing and clean, with a stream of river that flows from the Klang Gates Dam, as well as a hot spring pool.

However, before arriving, you make a booking first with the friendly owner of this campsite known as ‘Abang Bob’. The site has facilities like toilet, parking, cafeteria, and even internet coverage!


Prices for the rental of tent start from MYR50 for the small tent and MYR80 for the bigger tent.

2. Ulu Legong Campsite, Kedah

Ulu Legong Campsite
Ulu Legong Campsite in Kedah

Situated in Baling, Kedah, this campsite offers you a picturesque view supported by unique local experience. There is a river running next to this campsite, which is equipped with facilities like kitchen, parking, plug points, toilets, and Muslim prayer hall.

Campers can rent a spot for setting up tent, including fly sheet, and usage of barbeque pit as well as parking spot for only MYR40. There are many activities that you can do here such as barbeque and river-trekking. 

3. Teduhan Langat Retreat, Selangor

Teduhan Langat Retreat
Teduhan Langat Retreat in Selangor

Teduhan Langat Retreat is perfect for campers to go camping because the site comes with various activities suitable for all ages like camping, glamping, ATV ride, flying fox, animal farm visit, visiting river and waterfall, and sightseeing.

Other than that, the site also offers accommodation units like river view room, panoramic room, suite, and dormitory. You can even rest at the gazebos that are prepared in this place.

4. Riverside Camp Gopeng, Perak

Riverside Camp Gopeng
Riverside Camp Gopeng in Perak.

Riverside Camp, nestled in the picturesque countryside of Gopeng, Perak, is ideal for resting for a few days while taking in the breathtaking scenery.

Riverside Camp is a serene and lovely location to pitch your tent since it is surrounded by pristine nature and offers soothing views of the river, limestone, and rainforest.

You can also do barbeque and cycle around the area. The price for each person is MYR30, which is an absolute steal!

5. BBC Campsite Kangar, Perlis

BBC Campsite
BBC Campsite in Perlis.

BBC Campsite is the best option if you were just getting started in the world of camping. The space is spacious and inviting, suitable for enjoyable activities with family and friends.

Located close to a viewpoint on a hill and paddy field, this campsite also provides privacy because it is open for only one group at a time, therefore the place is popular for family camping.

There are a few slots available for booking here such as Breakfast, Lunch, Hi-Tea, Barbeque, Overnight, and All-day long, which you can easily book. 

6. Tegudon Tourism Village, Sabah

Tegudon Tourism Village
Tegudon Tourism Village in Sabah.

Tegudon Tourism Village (TTV) is located in Kota Belud, Sabah. It is one of the famous camping sites in the state because campers can take in the full captivating view of Mount Kinabalu, which is Malaysia’s tallest mountain.

This camping site provides the option for visitors to either bring their own tent or rent it from the village centre. The TTV community can prepare meals too if you were not planning to bring your own food and cooking gear. One of the most interesting activities you can do here is hiking with a local guide to Bukit Bendera and Wasai Waterfall.

At night, revel at the sight of the millions of stars, which is bound to make your camping experience exceptional!

7. Murog Purog Campsite, Sabah

Murog Purog Campsite
Murog Purog Campsite in Sabah.

Murog Purog Campsite is in Tambatuon Village, the west coast side of Sabah. This campsite is interesting as it has a charming river that has blue-coloured water.

Other than that, the view here is breathtaking and suitable for those who wanted to escape the hectic city life and spend productive time with their family and friends. The view of the nearby Mount Nungkok is bound to invigorate you.

You can cook your own food using the camping cooking gear and eat it while enjoying the fresh air and remarkable vista.

Choose the Ideal Campsite for Your Needs

So, there we have it – these are some of the top camping spots to consider in Malaysia. If you want to make the most of your camping trip, be sure to research the area so you can create the perfect itinerary. Also, it is worth taking the time to learn Malay before your trip, as this can help to provide you with a more enriching experience.

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