Good pair of shoes is vital for school-going children. Apart from offering comfort during long hours of wear, the shoes will also be durable enough to last throughout the entire school year. Recognising this fact, Bata Malaysia introduces a wide range of school shoes catering to almost every need, preference, and budget through its Back to School 2018 collection.

On top of its existing school shoes range, there will be several new revolutionary products that will be added to the line. One of it includes the ultra-light, cushion-comfort North Star series which boasts maximum comfort insole, built with lightweight material and comes with extra grip for stability.

Meanwhile, the B-First range will feature a brand new product, Magnetico, which comes with click-on magnetic straps for the ease of putting on and off. These shoes are also equipped with extra cushioning for added comfort along with enhanced flexibility to support natural foot movement.

Under the B-First range, there will also be the Hyperfoam BeLite series which is poised to be the most advanced school shoes yet. This innovative series offers extreme breathability, comfort and flexibility; making it the ideal pair to support more durable usage.

Aside from these, Bata is also offering school shoes, in both black and white, under popular cartoon brands such as Hello Kitty and famed local animated character Ejen Ali.

In conjunction with the Back to School season, Bata is offering two special deals for consumers. The Black Combo offers two pairs of selected Bata black school shoes at only RM 79 while those who opt for white shoes will receive 20% off on one pair and 30% off when they purchase two or more pairs.

Bata is also offering a Smart Offer deal where those who purchase two pairs of school shoes will be able to grab an exclusive North Star backpack at a low price of RM39 (Original Price RM59.99).

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