By Airbnb on October 1, 2018


Airbnb and BookXcess turned mother-daughter duo’s dream into reality through in-store sleepover

Airbnb, the world’s leading community-driven hospitality company, provided a local mother-daughter duo the exclusive opportunity to spend a magical night at the largest bookstore in Malaysia as part of its “Once Upon a Sleepover” contest, leaving them with a memorable tale to tell.

Airbnb transformed a space in BookXcess, Tamarind Square into an exclusive home just for one night, where Shila and her daughter Alyssa lived out their dreams of spending the night surrounded by half a million books. Through an immersive experience, they got to learn the inner workings of running a bookstore, as well as attended a book club session with like-minded individuals, and took home a complimentary basket full of books worth RM831.60!


The contest, which aimed to encourage a love of reading and instill the idea that books enable people to travel to a different world, required participants to answer a simple question: What is your favourite book to travel with and why? Shila beat over 80 entries with her answer of ‘The Little Prince‘ by Antoine De Saint-Exupery. She explained, “The book taught me since I was young that when travelling to where others call home – be it countries or planets – everything may be different and unfamiliar, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as we have an open heart and mind. … I’m so glad I got to bring my daughter along to experience this as it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. It’s truly a dream come true for book lovers like us.”

“Travel and reading are similar in the sense that they can take you on an adventure, help you leave the worries of everyday life behind, and see the beauty of the world around you,” says Siew Kum Hong, Regional Director of Airbnb, Asia Pacific. “While the ‘Once Upon a Sleepover’ contest has ended, Airbnb will continue to delight book lovers around the world – not only do we enable travellers to pack light as they can borrow a book from their hosts’ bookshelves, they can also receive recommendations from hosts on local bookstores to explore, or even book a stay in legendary authors’ former homes, and sign up for literature-related Experiences.”

“We are delighted to host Malaysia’s first ever sleepover in a bookstore with Airbnb, and provide such a unique and unforgettable experience to Shila and Alyssa through this contest. Just like how The Little Prince inspired Shila to have an open heart and mind, we constantly encourage people to explore different genre of books and widen their horizon to achieve their dreams. We strongly believe that reading allows for the minds to escape to a land of adventure, knowledge and creativity,” said Yu Jeen Chua, Chief Product Officer, BookXcess Sdn Bhd.




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