By Jeremy Khalil on October 24, 2014


(Hong Kong, October 24th, 2014 – Rail Europe, the number one train ticket distributor in the world, in cooperation with Europe’s most important rail carriers, is offering unbeatable prices for its annual fall promotions.

Rail Europe, the worldwide leader of train ticket distribution is offering unbeatable prices on both rail passes and train tickets during its annual fall promotions period. In partnership with major European railway companies, the promotions will offer travellers the possibility to visit Europe during low season.

Indeed, travellers will be able to enjoy Europe at bargain prices during a period where Europe is less packed with tourists, yet full of cultural offers. There is a promotion to suit every traveller’s needs and wishes, be it with a rail pass or a train ticket.”, says Fabrice Morel, CEO of Rail Europe.

For travellers who want to travel extensively by train in one, two or more countries, rail passes provide the perfect option. Fall Rail Passes combined with the promotions that accompany them will no doubt offer more incentives to travellers looking to explore Europe on a multi destination basis.

Eurail Passes >By booking a Eurail Select Pass or Eurail Global Pass before the end of the year, travellers get a 20% discount.

German Rail Pass >By booking the German Rail Pass before 7th December, travellers get a 25% discount. Ideal for travellers who want to focus on Germany and to celebrate 25 years of the Fall of the Wall!

BritRail Passes >All BritRail Passes are offered with a 20% discount until February 2015.

As for travellers who are only planning a couple of trips and who are looking for to experience a ride in one of Europe’s most iconic trains, Rail Europe and its partners are offering some amazing deals on  train tickets.


Eurostar >To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Eurostar, the world famous high speed train running from London to Paris and Brussels, is offering Standard Class tickets for as low as € 40, and Standard Premier tickets for only € 99. Travellers must book their train tickets before the 17th November 2014. Travel dates can be up to the 31st March 2015.

Thalys >Travellers can get unbeatable prices on the most popular routes of the famous red train operating between France, Belgium and the Netherlands.  Train tickets must be booked before the 14th December, and travel dates must be between the 6th January and the 28thFebruary 2015.

–          €25 for Paris <> Brussels 2nd Class
–          €35 for Paris <> Amsterdam/Cologne 2nd Class
–          €25 for Lille/Brussels <> Amsterdam 2nd Class
–          €25 for Brussels <> Cologne 2nd Class
–          €45 for Paris <> Brussels 1st Class
–          €59 for Paris <> Amsterdam 1st Class
–          €45 for Lille <> Amsterdam 1st Class

TGV Lyria >For only €30 in 2nd class and € 55 in 1st class, travellers can travel between Paris and Switzerland (Geneva/Lausanne/Bern/Basel/Zurich). Train tickets must be booked between 22nd October and 3rd December for travel within the next 3 months.

TGV Brussels-France>The same conditions apply for TGV Brussels-France to get up to 70% discount on their best-seller routes:

–          €41 in 2nd Class for Brussels <> Paris CDG
–          €58 in 2nd Class for Brussels <> Marseille
–          €51 in 1st Class for Brussels <> Paris CDG
–          €78 in 1st Class for Brussels <> Marseille

For more information about Rail Europe products, to purchase a Pass or a ticket, please visit Kong) / / or please consult your Rail Europe accredited travel agent in Hong Kong / China (Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Guangzhou) / Taiwan for more details.

About Rail Europe
Rail Europe is the worldwide leader in train tickets and rail passes’ distribution, selling through appointed General Sales Agents and directly on the web through localised websites (local currency, local language, local service).  Rail Europe portfolio of products include Eurail Passes and Swiss Passes as well as rail carriers such as SBB (Switzerland), SNCF (France), Trenitalia &  NTV (Italy), DB (Germany), the ATOC (UK), Eurostar, Thalys, TGV Lyria, JR (Japan) and more.


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