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Recently, the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia (MOTAC) and Kuala Lumpur Tourism Bureau (KLTB), together with Gaya Travel Magazine, organised a convoy tour entitled Eat, Travel, Ride (ETR) International 2.0 involving over 100 bikers from local and international members of Kingz Motorcycle Group (MG) who snaked their way to the Peninsular Malaysian east coast state of Terengganu from Kuala Lumpur (KL) in the span of three days, covering the distance of approximately 400 kilometres one way.

Beginning the ride from Kuala Lumpur Tower, the convoy stopped at multiple places of interest, including Taman Sinar Harapan in Kuala Terengganu, which is an institution that provides care, protection and rehabilitation to 65 children with learning disabilities, as part of the group’s corporate social responsibility initiative. These highly spirited and sharply-witted children were given the chance to ride on big bikes around the neighbourhood. Kingz MG also donated MYR5,300 to the institution for it to meet its needs.

If you intend to vroom your big bikes like we did to Terengganu from KL, the following are the places worth stopping by along the way.


National Museum

Eat Travel Ride International 2.0

Photo op at National Museum.

This attraction’s landmark facade is ideal for group photo-op. But if travellers wish to stay longer, then they should step inside the museum for a rewarding visit. Costing only MYR5 for foreigners and MYR2 for MyKad holders, the museum takes travellers on a deeper discovery and understanding of Malaysia’s prehistoric age until today.

ēRYAbySURIA Cherating

Our pit stop for lunch was at this beach-front resort, located in Cherating, Pahang. More than just the place to enjoy delectable local fare, the resort boasts 114 spacious rooms that open to two types of views: the garden, or the South China Sea.

Hotel Seri Malaysia Kuala Terengganu

Being the convoy’s official accommodation for two nights, this hotel stands right in the heart of Kuala Terengganu, making it incredibly convenient for those who plan to explore Terengganu’s capital city, including Chinatown and Pasar Payang, both accessible by foot.


Crystal Mosque

Crystal Mosque

A short stop at the iconic Crystal Mosque.

They say that no trip to Kuala Terengganu is complete without visiting and taking selfies with this shimmering mosque as the backdrop. The mosque is famous due to its outstanding architecture, especially the exterior that is cladded in steel, glass and crystal. Travellers are bound to be in taken in by the mosque’s external appearance whenever they visit it either the day or night.

Terrapuri Heritage Village

True to its name, which means ‘Land of Palaces’, this resort has 29 classic Terengganu traditional houses that are over a century old; 20 of them has been converted into luxurious villas. The layout of this resort is inspired from the 17th century Terengganu palace and drew inspirations from the ancient Langkasuka kingdom. Even unique, it is located between Setiu Wetlands and Penarik Beach that are brilliant for travellers stroll around peacefully and unwind.

Pantai Teluk Mak Nik

Also known as ‘Monica Bay’, Pantai Teluk Mak Nik is another beach where travellers can sit back, relax and enjoy the pleasing breeze of the South China Sea. Satar (grilled fish-based snack with coconut and chillies wrapped in a pyramid-shaped banana leaf) and otak-otak (grilled fish cake with spices) are famous here, especially those served at Warung Aziz Satar, which travellers should not miss.

Roti Paung Durian Burung

Roti Paung Durian Burung

The fluffy roti paung.

Besides satar and keropok lekor, the lesser-known favourite snack in Terengganu is roti paung that comes in various versions such as Roti Paung Durian Burung, which refers to the name of the place where it is made. We tasted this local delicacy upon our visit to one of the riders’ houses in Kuala Terengganu. The fluffy bun that is made from wheat flour is best eaten when it is hot and complements hot beverages well during breakfast, morning break or tea time.

Restoran Terapung D’Mukmin

Restoran Terapung D'Mukmin

Delicious ikan patin masak tempoyak with ulam at Restoran Terapung D’Mukmin.

On the way back, we stopped by for lunch at this floating restaurant in Temerloh, Pahang. This place is famous for its Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak (silver catfish cooked in curry-like gravy with fermented durian), arguably Pahang’s most favourite dish. It was so satisfying to savour this dish along with ulam (raw side dishes such as vegetables, fruits and herbs) while sitting on the floating gazebos made from bamboo planks.

Craven Café

Craven Cafe

Craven Cafe that is located in Bukit Antarabangsa.

Popular for its nasi kandar, Craven Café in Bukit Antarabangsa is usually a hot spot for bikers and youngsters to chill out while having meals and enjoying football shows on a huge LCD screen. It is here where all the participants bid farewell and parted ways.

Plan to travel around Malaysia in style like these gentlemen with big bikes? Here are some tips from the founder of Kingz MG, Azulhairi Berkhanuddin also known as Harry, if you want to explore Malaysia using two-wheelers:

  1. Prepare yourself. Make sure you bring all important documents such as identification card, riding license and others, safely kept inside a bag.
  2. Prepare your bike. Make sure your bike is in a good condition and safe. Be vigilant on every aspect and parts of your bike so that you remain safe and do not endanger other people at all times.
  3. Follow the rules and regulations. Ensure that your bike is free from illegalities and always abide by the road safety rules.
  4. Be extra prepared. Wear suitable and comfortable riding gears such as helmet with visor, hand gloves, jackets, pants and boots. Bring along global positioning system (GPS) and bike-to-bike intercom to ease the journey.


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