By Jeremy Khalil on September 20, 2016


Why is this place unique?

Greenhost Boutique Hotel in Yogyakarta is unconventional, pared-down, low-key and understated. The owner and designer of the hotel, Bapak Paulus Mintarga, makes recycling and sustainable lifestyle sexy. He employs upcycled materials in clever and useful ways throughout the hotel. The property is also home to a creative hydroponic farm on its rooftop that cultivates salads that are supplied to the hotel’s restaurant, including plants like mint, basil and betel leaf to be grown along the corridor, further making it unique and never-seen-before.

Awe-inspiring lobby of Greenhost Hotel

Awe-inspiring lobby of Greenhost Hotel

The hotel shares the story on how to lead a sustainable lifestyle but at the same time committed towards maintaining high service standards. It is also the place where sustainability meets art because it showcases artworks by aspiring Indonesian artists. The whole existence of the hotel reminds us to always consider how our consumption and actions directly impact Mother Earth.


Inside Genetika, a souvenir shop in Greenhost Hotel that retails curated designed items made from recycled materials

Inside Genetika, a souvenir shop in Greenhost Hotel that retails curated designed items made from recycled materials


Who should stay here?

A glimpse of a suite in Greehost Hotel

A glimpse of a suite in Greehost Hotel

The hotel attracts guests who want to be themselves and those who are in need of privacy amidst sustainable sophistication. Due to the hotel’s unique proposition, it appeals to people who are educated, mindful, respectful towards nature, and ecologically-savvy. High profile figures, especially those from the entertainment industry, prefer to stay at Greenhost Boutique Hotel because the place embodies stylishness and urban sustainability, yet unpretentious and fuss-free.


How could you further enhance your experience here?

  1. Take part in any workshop, class or event organised by the hotel if possible.
  2. Peruse through the well-curated and quirky Indonesian-designed items retailed at the hotel’s Genetika concept store, as well as buying the environmentally-friendly and refreshing handmade rice soap from the hotel’s Tea Spa.
  3. Savour delicious and healthy vegan dishes at the hotel’s Art Kitchen like the green hydroponic salad and spaghetti in organic green pesto sauce. Also do not miss tasting the restaurant’s homemade mayonnaise made from soy milk.
  4. Dip into the hotel’s salt-water pool – water has properties that are good for the skin.
  5. Saunter around the hotel’s rooftop hydroponic garden to appreciate the cultivated greenery and natural light, though it could get humid.
  6. Admire the exhibited artworks at the hotel’s gallery and contemplate on what the artworks are trying to say.
  7. Check out the traditional Prawirotaman wet market in the morning – which is only a few steps away from the hotel – to witness and buy interesting local produce, food, goods and wares.


Greenhost Boutique Hotel

Jalan Praworitaman II

No. 629 Brontokusuman Yogyakarta

Indonesia 55153

T: +62 274 389 777

F: +62 274 388 877




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