The Japan National Tourism Organization is participating in the KL MATTA TRAVEL FAIR 2016 at the PWTC from 2 to 4 SPETEMBER 2016. Endless discovery and great holiday deals awaits you at the grand travel extravaganza!

Japan’s unique climate and beautiful natural surroundings for each of the four seasons, fascinating cultures in each region – Japan combines the attributes of both a traditional and modern culture of an advance nation.

It is a beautiful country throughout each of it’s four seasons. The sheer variety of plants that changes color during the autumn are immense all over Japan. Castles decorated with trees bearing colorful red and yellow leaves falls to welcome the fairy tale winter, with snow-covered slopes. In contrast with cherry blossoms, autumns & winters color starts from the North, they can be seen first at the beginning of September in Daisetsuzan, Hokkaido, and moves southward and arrive in Kyushu where the best season is at the beginning of December.

Depending on which part of Japan you are travelling to, winter experiences in Japan can be vastly different. Big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka generally experience short winters with cold and sunny days and occasional snowfall. But the further you head into the mountainous regions and Northern parts of Japan the more the temperature starts to drop and the winters are long and bitterly cold with high levels of snowfall for many months of the year.

The large amounts of snow that fall each year makes conditions perfect for skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and the Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido is known worldwide as a sight not to be missed. Various snow and illumination events are held across the country during the winter season creating breath taking views in this winter wonderland which draws just as many tourists as during the warmer months.

What about trying something different this year? You can take a walk down the historical streets and enjoy the Autumn colors and in some places, you can take in the panoramic Autumn/ Winter views while soaking in the hot spring. You can combine skiing with fabulous discovery trips to some unique spots such as the mountainous regions and Northern parts of Japan

Matsuri is the Japanese word for a festival or holiday. There are no specific matsuri days for all of Japan; Dates vary from area to area, and even within a specific area. Every locale has at least one matsuri in late summer/early autumn, which usually related to the rice harvest. Aside from the snow architect, skiing etc, the Matsuri (Snow Festival) during winters features a variety of events for young and old, including concerts, culinary happenings, snowball fights, snow slides, ice bars and much more.

This year, JNTO will be introducing the Matsuri Festival celebrations to all Malaysians, with a 3-day showcase at KL Matta Travel Fair that immerses visitors to the cultures and traditions unique to Japan. Culture and activities ranging from the traditional to the contemporary. Authentic matsuri games like, playing “Yoyo balloon” game, typical Matsuri sweets like cotton candy, Snowboard experience game & and more. Plus, savour the taste of delicious festival foods like Soba.

Representatives from local travel agencies, Japan government & prefectural offices and private organizations will be coming down to showcase their latest attractions and render travel information and tips.


Japan Exhibitors

Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau






Hokkaido Otaru City



JAPAN KANSAI(Osaka,Kyoto,Hyogo,Nara,Shiga,Fukui,Mie,Tottori,Tokushima)


“Shinjuku, Hakone, Enoshima, Kamakura ~Odakyu Group~”



To find out more, kindly visit Japan National Tourism Organization’s Malaysia Website 

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