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Liu Men Melaka

The Building of Liu Men Melaka

Years before World War II in Melaka, along Jalan Tokong, stood six shophouses where different families resided. Sometime before 1939, these six families left and the shophouses were renovated and transformed into a new home for a single family. Fast forward to today, the pre-war structure has now been given a new lease of life by becoming a charming 30-room boutique hotel named Liu Men Melaka, situated in a heavily adorned street that seems to be conjured from an Asian romance novel.

Liu Men or ‘six doors’ holds special meaning. Six or (六, LIÙ), is an auspicious number and is believed to be the inspiration behind the name. Liu Men Melaka is a perfect harmony of East and West, a celebration of 1930s colonial Art Deco influences accentuated by distinctive Eastern twist of vibrant reds in playful chaos to symbolise joy or luck, as identified in the Peranakan culture that helps to shape Melaka – one of Malaysia’s oldest cities – into what it is today.


A soothing and comfort escape from the larger cities, Liu Men Melaka hides underneath a foundation of vibrant and eclectic multiculturalism that dates back hundreds of years. With Melaka’s flourishing economy under British colonial rule as a port city, the blooming economy paved way for the rise of distinct communities in the late 1930s.

These communities are steeped in different cultures such as the Kristangs who settle in Portuguese settlement where fishing has always been their way of life. The Indian community, descendants of spice and textile traders along Jalan Bendahara where we can still explore the fabric stores and the exotic taste of authentic south Indian cuisine laden infused with local Malay spices. The Chinese migrants, who came as traders and craftsman, start settling in Jonker Street. The Chinese Peranakan Baba and Nyonya shop fronts assimilate the colonial style into the Sino-Malay architecture as evidenced by the combination of white colonial pillars and dark solid wood, perfectly topped with vibrant reds.

Liu Men Melaka falls under the Préférence Hotels by TAUZIA portfolio, which is a collection of unique hotels with distinctive surroundings. Each one represents a distinct ambiance along with charming local history. Liu Men Melaka becomes a shining addition to the portfolio by showcasing the authenticity and alluring facet of Melaka to the world.

“We are thrilled to welcome each guest through the eminent six doors with open arms as a family member would be,” said Dadang Setiawan, General Manager Liu Men Melaka, ”There is no stranger in Liu Men Melaka; everyone is part of an extended family treated with honour, warmth and thoughtful service.


“Our hotel is also a gate to the Peranakan culture, to guests who are looking to immerse themselves in a world of colours, art and culture in personable atmosphere,” he concluded.

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