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  • Are we there yet?: Malaysian travellers are spending over ten hours researching their holidays despite being bored after just 41 minutes
  • It’s a tough life: One in four millennial travellers in Malaysia consider vacation research to be one of their biggest stresses in life
  • Vexed rather than sexed: 22% of millennials in Malaysia spend more time researching holidays than having sex
  • comes to the rescue with their 2019 award-winning Loved by Guests hotels based on customer reviews to help eliminate excessive holiday research

KUALA LUMPUR, 12 MARCH 2019: Everyone knows that the pain you experience when researching your holiday can leave you feeling pretty ‘salty’. Whether it’s a long-haul holiday to trek through the Himalayas or a relaxing stay in a hotel treehouse – the struggle is real. New Hotels.comTM research reveals that budding travellers are suffering from ‘net lag’ in the never-ending legwork to avoid that #basic trip.

‘Adulting’ can be tough, with almost a quarter (25%) of millennial travellers in Malaysia describing holiday planning as one of their biggest stresses in life. That’s not a surprise when over three in ten Malaysian travellers spend 10+ hours researching before they book, leaving no time for selfies, brunch or hot yoga. Nearly two-thirds of millennials (22%) spend more time searching for a break than they do between the sheets with their other half and 46% have even booked the wrong holiday or dates because the scroll became just too much #dead.

All it takes is 41 minutes for the ’net lag’ to set in, just slightly short of the time it takes to watch half a football match or for a ‘Netflix and Chill’ session. The many hours required have resulted in more than half going on holiday to somewhere they’ve been to before to avoid the research (56%), and almost a quarter ‘Just. Can’t. Even.’ and decided against going away altogether (22%). 54% reckon they pay over the odds in order to ‘swerve’ research hell and over a third (49%) would even outsource the task to a friend with the average person happy to pay RM708 for the privilege #sorrynotsorry.


The productivity levels at work are also taking a hit. Close to two in five (39%) have admitted to secret holiday scrolling in the office with close to a third saying they get less work done in the hunt for a holiday. Which isn’t hugely surprising when 38% of millennials look through more than five holiday options before making a decision.

Yet it’s other traveller reviews that almost all (99%) rely on to seal the deal, being voted the most important tool to transition from looking to booking. To help everyone get over the net lag, has announced the winners of the 2019 Loved by Guests awards – hotels rewarded based on their guest reviews to save you the research. Globally, 3,120 hotels were named Most Wanted, out of which nine are in Malaysia.

Adam Jay, President of, said: “ can end the tedious trawl of the ‘holiday hunt’, with our Loved by Guests award-winning hotels. When you’re researching your holiday, these properties can give you a great starting point, and help ease the endless scroll. These hotels have been reviewed by people in the know – the guests themselves – and we’ve analysed over 25 million reviews to find you the best hotels around. Time to start surfing the waves instead of the web and swap the net lag for the jet lag.” 

Top 5 Cities globally winning Loved by Guest Most Wanted Awards:

  1. Rome
  2. Venice
  3. Florence
  4. Santorini
  5. Hanoi

To see the full list of 2019 Loved by Guest winners, please see here:


The Net Lag survey was conducted by One Poll in February 2019. 7,800 respondents across 26 countries.

Most Wanted Award Winners by Country And Territory

United States 1131
Italy 252
United Kingdom 190
Australia 122
Canada 118
Spain 93
Greece 85
Portugal 75
New Zealand 66
Japan 63
Vietnam 49
France 44
Ireland 44
Mexico 44
Croatia 39
Indonesia 38
Turkey 38
Germany 37
Brazil 31
Taiwan 29
Netherlands 26
Poland 26
South Africa 24
Czech Republic 22
Iceland 22
Switzerland 22
Thailand 21
Costa Rica 19
Morocco 18
Cambodia 17
China 17
Austria 16
Belgium 15
Russia 15
United Arab Emirates 14
India 12
Denmark 11
Hungary 11
Argentina 10
Malaysia 9
Peru 9
Sweden 9
South Korea 8
Colombia 6
Latvia 6
Maldives 6
Bosnia & Herzegovina 5
Estonia 5
Hong Kong SAR China 5
Israel 5
Bermuda 4
Cayman Islands 4
Ecuador 4
Finland 4
Guatemala 4
Lithuania 4
Malta 4
Norway 4
Singapore 4
Ukraine 4
Uruguay 4
Chile 3
Cyprus 3
Laos 3
Philippines 3
Serbia 3
Slovakia 3
Slovenia 3
Antigua & Barbuda 2
Aruba 2
Belarus 2
Belize 2
Bulgaria 2
Dominican Republic 2
Egypt 2
Fiji 2
French Polynesia 2
Jamaica 2
Mauritius 2
Montenegro 2
Puerto Rico 2
St. Lucia 2
Albania 1
Armenia 1
Bahrain 1
Bolivia 1
Cuba 1
Georgia 1
Grenada 1
Haiti 1
Jordan 1
Kyrgyzstan 1
Liechtenstein 1
Macau SAR China 1
Macedonia 1
Monaco 1
Nepal 1
Nicaragua 1
Oman 1
Panama 1
Romania 1
Saudi Arabia 1
Seychelles 1
St. Martin 1
Tanzania 1
Tunisia 1
Turks & Caicos Islands 1
U.S. Virgin Islands 1

Most Wanted Award Winners in APAC

Hanoi 27
Ubud 18
Siem Reap 16
Tokyo 14
Kyoto 10
Hoi An 8
Yufu 8
Seminyak 7
Beijing 6
Dunedin 6


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