By Ahmad Furqaan Hod on April 11, 2016


Ultra Power Saving Mode

What defines a smartphone as ‘smart’ is its ability to perform multiple functions, besides being handy and light. Unfortunately, no matter how advanced today’s technologies are, they still couldn’t solve the issue of battery longevity. However, thanks to the new Samsung Galaxy S5 (SGS5) with its Ultra Power Saving Mode featured in 2800mAh fully charged battery, your SGS5 now can last longer up to 12 days. This feature downgrades the device’s graphic mode and automatically set off all unnecessary functions. For travellers, this aspect surely proves handy, especially when searching for places, browsing for information and communicating with others once your phone start beeping to indicate 15% battery remainder. 

camera_product_1Travel and capture with handy 16MP SGS5 camera


There is no need for such bulky cameras to capture the moments if a smartphone is able to produce great photos similar to using a 16MP camera. Being the first smartphone that has ‘clone’ functions of DSLR using contrast autofocus and face detection autofocus in addition to fast shoot ability, SGS5 is indeed a trusty photography gadget to bring along when travelling. SGS5 is also capable in solving the problem of backlight by using special HDR rich tone feature that controls light exposure. It does not even come as a surprise when this smartphone can create sharp-blur picture like a DSLR, allowing users to choose the blurry point of a picture, whether far or near, thus create interesting shots.

Catastrophe solved during Travelling

Anything can happen when travellers are on the move: the smartphones might drop, fell into the water or exposed to dust and dirt. Travellers will be glad to know that the SGS5 is dust and water resistant. Water can even be used to get rid of the dust from the SGS5!

Secure by using finger print


Typical patterns and digits lock can be seen or tracked by others when individuals are trying to unlock the device, but not for SGS5. It can instead be assisted by using the finger scanner to unlock the device, make a secure payment and verify Samsung account. Finger prints other than the owner’s will not be able to unlock the phone unless registered. This biometric scan ability shows that Samsung’s leading position when it comes to smartphone features.

Travel and Keep Fit 

Some travellers keep a healthy lifestyle by cycling, running or doing a long distance walk during travelling. For fitness enthusiasts, the new SGS5 comes with S Health, which can track travellers’ calories when exercising. It counts your steps and even has a heart rate sensor, making it a great workout companion. The existence of Galaxy gear and Gear Fit are the right medium for SGS5 to enrich the capability of smartphone. Besides, it also synchronises contacts, views text massages, answers or rejects calls and more through its Setting. SGS5 is indeed an efficient and smart traveller’s companion.

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