Courtesy of Sony Malaysia, Gaya Travel Magazine had the opportunity to test out the new Alpha A7s Mark II during several of our recent trips. Firstly, this 627g (body only) camera is equipped with user-friendly buttons and re-designed body, making it easy to hold.

This mirror-less camera – which is part of the Digital SLR (DSLR) family – offers creative travel capabilities through its fully functional features such as USB power supply, Wi-Fi and NFC compatibility, including Sony’s PlayMemories1 Mobile app that the functionalities of this model is now made easier to facilitate travelling.

The new OLED electronic viewfinder allows the user to manually focus the ISO range with ease. It also has particular settings such as exposure compensation and colour balance that appear on the displayed image right before the shutter is triggered. High-speed AF point can be monitored through the viewfinder too, enhancing the accuracy from wide panoramic to one pin-point focus. Additionally, the viewfinder also can be tilted for better and more creative shooting angles.


Photo taken using Sony Alpha A7s II

The ISO setting of Sony Alpha is also enhanced on the A7s II so that it can take the maximum range of up to 409,600 (ISO 50 – 409,600), allowing unlimited lighting boundaries from the brightest day to the darkest night. While travelling, brilliant images or videos can be captured with stunning creative lights.

Recording video using Sony Alpha A7s Mark II enables the user to shoot at 4K and 1080p resolutions. Due to its latest 5-Axis Image Stabilisation feature that captures 24 to 30fps, this camera produces sharper and more stable video. Autofocus accuracy is also upgraded to 169 AF points for fast and precise focusing especially during video shooting. Travellers now will be able to document their travel stories and experiences through crisp and impactful images and videos using the Sony Alpha A7s Mark II.

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