Grab Cheap Flight Tickets with Scoot’s Travel Hacks

‘Scoot’ yourself into an exciting getaway with these tips and tricks.

‘Scoot’ yourself into an exciting getaway with these tips and tricks.

‘Scoot’ yourself into an exciting getaway with these tips and tricks

Travelling abroad means having to book flight tickets, and for some, it is a challenge that they can take advantage off. Still, for most people, arranging and planning the perfect time and flight to travel can be a hassle, especially if you are on a budget.

Here are some neat tricks Scoot airline has taught us, ones that could blow your mind at how simple travel arrangements can be…


1. The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese

When travelling, it is important to remember that early planning could help you find that perfect price and dates.

A smart traveler would be keen on the fluctuation of flight prices and would be smart to know the beginning and the ending of the seasons.

Knowing your seasons eventually leads to knowing the sort of pattern airline companies follow and thus grants you the know-how of getting that big bang for buck price and save your pockets a few damaging holes.

The smart way to do it, however, is to simply turn on the price alerts on Scoot’s website that would conveniently notify you when the price is at a lower rate.


2. Avoid block out seasons to get lower flight rates

Early planning helps you to arrange the suitable dates, but do avoid the temptation of travelling on public holidays because flight rates are known to be pricier on these dates.

So, try to take advantage of unusual timing for a better deal, or if you are flexible just head over to Scoot’s Take off Tuesdays promotion on their website to get the catch the best price at the most random, available times.

If you are up for more exciting offers, sign up as Scoot’s Insider to grab more deals like 15% off Welcome voucher and a birthday voucher, among all other promotions that only the members could access.

3. Personalize your flight to your own unique requirements to save more

Knowing the duration and purpose of your trip helps a lot by cutting down extra expenses, so if you are travelling far for a shopping spree opt for wider legroom and check-in baggage.

But if it is just another weekend getaway, limit yourself to a carry-on and save a bit more cash by the end of the flight.

If you have always dreamt of that seat with that wide legroom and flexible carriage options, well, look no more.

Scoot offers up to 50% more legroom in its ScootinSilence zone and provides you with multiple carriage options for your luggage, and even in-flight meals at an affordable price.

4. Fly luxuriously at the pardon of your bank account

Remember having to squeeze between two largely built individuals and having to avoid those awkward knee-grazing moments and breathing in their body odour?

Catered largely for the space-respecting and peace appreciating younger travellers, Scoot offers you the opportunity to fly without any fuss.

Book multiple seats for your maximum comfort with MaxYourSpace, or bid all the way to business class for that extra care and cosiness, through Scoot’s BidtoBiz deal that allows you to bid on seats whenever there are unreserved spots during the flight, where you will be able to experience the full length of the package’s perk at a lower price.

Head over to Scoot’s website to see what matches your taste and budget, and fly free from worries.

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