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Earth is our home and let’s be a green & sustainable traveler today with G4 Pocket Wifi

Kuala Lumpur, July 2019 – Roaming Man, an Overseas Pocket Wifi Service Provider has recently launched “Stay Connected, Stay Green” CSR campaign in support of WWF-Malaysia during the World Environment month to advocate the sustainable & environmental friendly travelling habits among the Malaysian. Apart of striving to raise awareness for the CSR campaign, Roaming Man is driving donation from the sales of wifi rental & device sales in support of WWF-Malaysia.

Staying connected with wifi is crucial for every traveler nowadays. If there is a greener option to access the internet, would you like to find out the ways to do it? Yes, we have an answer for the sustainable traveler which they may opt for Roaming Man Travel Pocket Wifi. Travel pocket wifi device is designed in a way for sharing & reusable purposes compared to SIM card which is normally meant for single use only with the plastic packaging always been easily thrown away without proper handling. In addition, Roaming Man Pocket Wifi serve as a wifi hotspot which allow internet sharing up to 5 devices within the small group of traveler which fits the best of 3R concept “Reduce, Reuse & Recycle”

Without internet, we can’t imagine how we would access all of the important travelling apps such as maps, email, instant messaging, hotel booking app, destination review site, social media etc. With the invention of Roaming Man G4 device, all Malaysian travelers will be able to experience all-in-one travel app via the “Ultra Slim”- 12 mm Pocket Wifi Device.

Roaming Man G4

Roaming Man G4

The recent launched G4 Pocket Wifi device comes with wifi hotspot, live language translator, maps navigation, power bank & travel tips at the user’s fingertips. With a higher capacity battery life of 15-18 hours, G4 model can also be used as a powerbank, with the device fully charges via fast charging port within 3.5 hours and travelers no longer have to worry about bringing additional powerbanks for their mobile phone during their trip.

Currently, Roaming Man’s wifi coverage extend to 138 countries with the available U2 device & G4 device introduced to the Malaysia market. The U2 device will be remained for existing wifi rental market meanwhile the newly launched G4 device model is ready for device sales bundled with a FREE 7 days data. By owning the G4 device, frequent leisure & corporate traveler doesn’t need to pick up & return the device at our 24/7 KLIA & KLIA2 Airport counter. They may enjoy the flexibility of getting the data recharge any time & anywhere according to their departing countries upon binding the device to their online account.

“We are happily to announce the launch of G4 device and eagerly to hear about the customer experience of our G4 wifi device. At the same time, we are running a G4 Exclusive Trial Campaign, open to all of the Malaysia Social Media Influencer to stand a chance to experience the State-of-Art wifi device and take home RM 1000 worth of travelling allowance. said Kate Lim, Senior Marketing Manager of Roaming Man Malaysia”. The G4 Squad Exclusive Trial campaign will run from 11th July until 11th August 2019. For more campaign information, please visit


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