By Gaya Travel on February 22, 2012


Teratak Riverview is an eco-tourism destination that is known for its well preserved natural surroundings and extreme sports and activities. It is not only a destination in its own right for nature lovers and adrenaline junkies but also famous for being the team-building campsite of choice among university students and nature lovers.

This modest and sufficiently equipped resort has many categories of accommodations that could fit hundreds of people at one time. Its facilities also include comfortable chalets, clean dormitories, campsites, a multipurpose hall and dining hall. For guests who prefer to include entertainment in their programme during their stay, there are also karaoke machines made available in the resort.Although they have activities such as flying fox, motor cross and paintball, what most people come here for would be the 4×4 activity, the exciting journey from Teratak Riverview to Lubuk Kawah, where the refreshing waterfall is situated. The team and I partook in this extreme journey that took the whole day.

We started our journey at noon and crossed the Teratak River using a four-wheel drive. For readers who are interested to follow this activity, it is advisable that you  buckle up well in your seatbelts and hold onto anything tightly since the journey is full of obstacles and bumpy. My first time being on a four-wheel drive was like being on a roller coaster without rails.Throughout the journey, since we were going uphill, the professional drivers had to negotiate steep terrains that made us feel like we were about to tip over, high climbs where the thing we could only see was the tree canopies and blue sky, and thrilling drops that were heart-stopping. If our readers happen to go through this experience, Gaya Travel suggests that our readers might want to roll up their windows so as not to be covered with debris and mud.


After a few hours climbing up to Lubuk Kawah, we finally arrived and spent a couple of hours enjoying the cool and pristine waterfall. With its lush surroundings and beautiful views, this was indeed the perfect spot for a dip or simply to cool down after the arduous and humid hours earlier. Before we left Lubuk Kawah, the drivers showed us a few demonstrations on how to fix the vehicle that looked quite complicated, laborious and requires experience. The journey back to Teratak Riverview took us about two hours (lesser then the amount of time spent going to Lubuk Kawah) since we were going downhill and needed to cross only several small rivers.Teratak Riverview is a truly fantastic location that readers might want to consider when choosing a resort that is suitable for nature lovers and extreme sports fans. Please contact Teratak Riverview for details on the four-wheel drive experience package.


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