By Mohd Mursi on October 21, 2015


The National Visual Arts Gallery proudly presents the 1Malaysia Contemporary Art Tourism Festival (1MCAT) 2015 that’s happening from September till December 2015. This program began since 2010 and has been one new innovation in the tourism industry that geared up the contemporary visual arts scene among Malaysian’s thats unique and also universal. It has been endorsed by Tourism Malaysia since 2010 till 2013 and The National Visual Arts Gallery has been granted to take over this gracious event. For this year, there are 57 programs made and participated by more then 10 countries from all over the world.

This event also helps the local artists to showcase their artwork and also making their names establish in the art industry. Besides that, 1MCAT also helps the local economy and returns for the artist hence attracting tourist over to view their artworks.


Besides the main objective of attracting tourist over to Malaysia, its other objective is to make art as a main role to build local arts identity and a catalyst to the society with the harmony of the society living in Malaysia.

1MCAT Festival also shows the working relationship through various agencies and arts society to make this program and activities that are related to visual arts and of course showcasing various contemporary artworks from the local artist that has various genres.

The 1MCAT Festival was launched recently that has been graced YBhg Datuk Hj Ghaffar Bin A. Tambi, Deputry Secretary (Cultural), Ministry Of Tourism And Culture Malaysia on 16th October 2015. The festival also showcases an Art Bazaar that has various artworks on display and activities for the public or tourist to enjoy during their visit to the National Visual Arts Gallery.



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