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Writing does more than just recording our thoughts on a piece of paper; it acts as a channel to process our emotions and increase self-awareness. Little did we know, it also offers us solace when we don’t get the things we want the most. Hence, fulfill your desire by coming to these seven art stores that inspire and propel you to creatively write!

1)    Stickerrific – Petaling Jaya

This art store is a place for all of your stationery desires! From endless stickers to vast selection of art supplies, there is simply so much to see. Not only does it carry imported products like Bande Washi stickers, they also support local artistes by selling their products. The store has a drink-only café for customers to imbibe while working on their journal or trying out their art supplies. On top of that, the store holds workshops on watercolour painting, rubber stamp carving, calligraphy and more during weekends. Stickerrific is definitely stationery Nirvana!


2)    MyPaperProjects – Shah Alam

If being surrounded by curated stationery, paper crafts and lifestyle products sounds heavenly to you, this store should be on your bucket list! Besides selling countless rubber stamps with various designs, the store is also proud of its in-house stamps. The store’s mission is to inspire customers to live their best life each day by browsing through their library of handmade products. If you’re planning to come here, make sure to go through their collection of newly listed products to find something to use in your writing journey!


Few of the craft papers and stickers at MyPaperProject. Photo © MyPaperProject Facebook

3)    Pipit Zakka Store – Kuala Lumpur

At some point, the traffic can get pretty bad at Taman Connought, but that should not deter you from visiting this store. Zakka means “many things” in Japanese, and the items are eccentric yet practical. Does this remind you of Daiso? If so, why not give Pipit Zakka a chance and come here as you can find something interesting for your journal, especially when this store considers itself as a platform to help inspire creations rather than merely selling stationery supplies.


Pipit Zakka Store

Photo © Pipit Facebook

4)    Tabiyo – Seremban

Pack your bag and travel to Seremban as Tabiyo itself means “Let’s Travel” in Japanese. What better way to spend your weekend than being in a picturesque Japanese inspired stationery store where it has the perfect ambience for you to have a ‘me time’. The products are restocked once a month from Japan, meaning there are plenty of choices for you to enjoy. What’s more, they just opened a café right behind the store with lovely choices of coffee, cakes and pastries for you to relax after a long day of perusing the store’s jaw-dropping products.

5)    Writer – Penang

Food-hunting is a must if you’re in Penang, but don’t forget to stop by at this lifestyle store focusing on art-related pieces. Located on level 4 of Gurney Plaza, this store will take you back down memory lane when you were a child as it provides a service where you can create your own desired journal! They also just introduced a new initiative called “Journal Lovers Gathering” where people can register for free and meet up at the store to share their interests in writing and creating!

6)    Salt x Paper Stationery & Gifts – Sabah

Just because you’re an adult, doesn’t mean you have to be glued to your bland-looking notebooks all the time. Focusing mainly on notebooks, this friendly neighbourhood stationery store is here to provide you with adorable and colourful notebooks that will excite your inner child! With talented designers constantly working on the cover of the notebooks, the store offers the opportunity for everyone to own notebooks at affordable prices to encourage the public to write more in an upscale fashion.

7)    Flint & Steel Lifestyle Store – Sarawak

The birth of this humble store is more than just selling handmade postcards and stickers – the store also motivates its customers to find their purpose in life by embracing their passion. Besides, the store’s website provides information regarding events, new products, future projects and collaborations. Find more about this by stepping into the store and join in the adventure as the store’s staff share their thoughts and stories for you to become inspired!

Flint and Steel

Find your inspirations at Flint and Steel Lifestyle Store. Photo © Flint and Steel Borneo Facebook


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