7 Petting Zoo and Farm Animals Around Selangor

Meet adorable animals up close at Selangor’s 7 best petting zoos and farms! From friendly ponies to cuddly rabbits, these destinations offer fun for everyone.

Meet adorable animals up close at Selangor’s 7 best petting zoos and farms! From friendly ponies to cuddly rabbits, these destinations offer fun for everyone.

Discover Selangor’s 7 best petting zoos and farms, where you can meet adorable animals up close! From cuddly rabbits to friendly ponies, these places offer fun for everyone. Come explore the wonders of nature and make unforgettable memories with our furry and feathered friends!


Located in Taman Bukit Belimbing, Hussin Fauzi Farm is a petting zoo with an affordable price of RM15.00 for adults and RM7.00 for children. From llamas and Alpacas to Camels and Ostriches, visitors are allowed to touch and pet the animals with close observation by the friendly staff. Apart from that, visitors can feed the animals with the animal food provided by the petting zoo with the cost of only RM2.00. Some of the animals such as the ostrich, peacock, chicken and deer would roam around the grounds and greet the visitors who came to the petting zoo. Hussin Fauzi Farm also has a stall that sells simple snacks and beverages for visitors who want to fill up their tummy and take some rest. With its affordable price range and variety of livestock and unique animals to see, Hussin Fauzi Farm is a good farm to visit with your family and loved ones. For more information, visit their Facebook and TikTok.


A private park that is open to the public. Bukit Jelutong Eco Community Park is suitable for any nature-lovers to visit and enjoy looking at the greenery scenery, take a hill hike around the park, or have a picnic by the lake. Entrance is free for visitors to come and visit the park; however, the parking is quite limited, so it is advisable for visitors to come early in the morning or during non-peak hours. Goats, ducklings, ostriches, iguanas and porcupines are some of the animals that are being taken care of, and visitors are able to interact and play with the animals while they roam freely in their enclosure. Thus, animal food is available for visitors to feed at a cost ranging from RM5.00 to RM10.00 at the entrance. However, there is only a specific time to enter the petting zoo and see the animals; 9:00AM to 10:30AM for the morning session and 3:00PM to 7:00PM for the evening session. Besides that, visitors who would like to take a quick stop for a bite to eat can visit their cafe to enjoy some food and coffee. Visitors that come to Bukit Jelutong Eco Community Park will have picturesque surroundings added to the charm, providing a perfect backdrop for a leisurely stroll and photo. For more information, visit their Facebook, Instagram and website.



An indoor expedition inspired by animals and nature, IOI City Farm is an exquisite place for wildlife, insects, petting zoo, aquatic life, pet feeding activities and more. From rare breed cats and guinea pigs, to wallabies and marmosets, there are plenty of animals for visitors to interact, pet and feed. Vending machines are available in multiple places that sell animal foods for RM10.00 per packet to feed the rabbits, guinea pigs, koi fishes and more. Visitors are also able to catch some fishes with nets available that will create a unique experience for both adults and children. At the exit, visitors are able to buy many unique souvenirs and merchandise to keep. Any families who are tired of shopping and looking for a unique place to visit, IOI City Farm is a place to go. For more information, visit their Instagram and website.


A small petting zoo with over 80 exotic and local species. Visitors that come to the G2G Animal Garden in Serdang will experience a variety of attractions, such as the Bird Aviary, Cat House, Therapy House, Rabbit Garden, Laman Ternakan Kampong, Deer Sanctuary, and a Reptile House. For Malaysians, the entry price ranges from RM25.00 to RM35.00, and for foreigners, the entry price ranges from RM50.00 to RM60.00. Visitors get to go up close and personal, feed, and pet the majority of the animals, such as the capybara, ferrets, camels, racoons, alpacas, and more. The price of the animal food is RM10.00 per bucket, and adults and children are able to create memories and experiences feeding different types of animals. Other than that, there are many fun activities for both kids and adults to participate in, such as the pony ride with a cost of RM8.00 per ride, fishing activity with a cost of RM5.00 per head, and visitors are able to bring the caught fish home, which is a brilliant and priceless experience for any pet lover who would like to own a small pet. For more information, visit their Instagram, Tiktok and website.


Known as the largest indoor petting zoo in Malaysia. Just Pets Megastore in Tropicana Gardens Mall at Petaling Jaya is a spacious and neat pet store with a mini zoo called Just Pets that requires an admission fee of RM48.00 for an adult and RM38.00 for a child. The mini indoor zoo accommodates numerous exotic animals for visitors to come and pet, feed and interact with, such as meerkats, racoons, guinea pigs, pygmy goats, alpacas, reptiles and more. Just Farm also provides food to feed some of the animals at a price of RM10.00 per bucket. Apart from that, Just Pets Megastore also has a sanctuary dedicated to feline care, where you can get close and personal with many exotic and purebred cats such as Maincoons, Munchkins, British Short Hairs, and many others. Wit selected amount of time, cat lovers are able to hang around cats and play with them. Not only that, Just Pets Megastore also sells a freshwater fishes, saltwater fishes, expensive cats, sugar gliders, aquarium accessories and other pet necessities. For any visitors who are looking to quench your thirst and fill up your stomachs with food, a cafe is available inside the megastore called Just Eats that sells a variety of food. From a mini zoo to a cafe, pet lovers are able to experience a memorable and enjoyable time. For more information, visit their Instagram, TikTok and website.


With over 60 different species from Africa, South America and Southeast Asia, a wide assortment of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fishes are available for visitors and pet lovers to see. The price of RM30.00 for both adults and Children above 4 years old, there are many different animals that can be seen such as the Canadian Marble Fox, Prairie Dog, Horses, and more. Thus, some of the animals such as the goats and snakes are available for sale. For any visitor who would like to take a break and relax, an in-house cafe Luckbros Kopi is available in the mini zoo that serves a variety of local and international delicacies such as the Nasi Lemak, Pastas, Noodles and refreshing beverages to try. The Mins provide a decorated space for renting, a cafe and a small zoo which is suitable for any pet-lovers to organize any gatherings and events at their available location. For more information, visit their Instagram and TikTok.


Farm In The City is an outdoor petting farm that is getting many locals and visitors attention. The normal ticket price ranges from RM48.00 to RM58.00 while Malaysians are able to get a discount when you show your MyKad at the ticket counter ranging from RM32.00 to RM39.00. Many exotic and rare animals such as different species of tortoises, goats, alpacas, donkeys, deers and more roam free among the visitors to get up close and personal. Animal food is available for visitors to buy and feed the animals with only RM10.00 per bucket. Not only that, the friendly staff will always  be available at every section and let the visitors hold, pet and take pictures with some of the exotic animals such as the racoons, birds and reptiles that are very docile among humans. Snacks and drinks are also available in the outdoor petting farm for any visitors who would like to take rests and enjoy the scenery. With daily farm activities such as animal feedings and animal meet and greet, visitors will never leave without feeling unsatisfied. For more information, visit their Instagram and website.

Whether you are seeking educational opportunities for children, therapeutic moments with animals or simply a day filled with laughter and warmth, Selangor’s top petting zoos and farms deliver unforgettable memories. From cuddly rabbits and playful goats to majestic horses and friendly alpacas, these attractions offer a glimpse into the beauty of nature and the joy of animal interactions. For more tourism inspiration in Selangor, visit Tourism Selangor’s official website, or follow Tourism Selangor’s official social media account; Selangor Tourism’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube channels. #PusingSelangorDulu

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