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Cameron Highland is famous for its tea plantation.


7 Things You Can Do in Cameron Highlands

The cool temperate climate of the Cameron Highlands has appealed to many visitors over the decades.

The cool temperate climate of the Cameron Highlands has appealed to many visitors over the decades.


The Cameron Highlands is a picturesque hill station in the Malaysian state of Pahang that has existed since the late 19th century. It is home to unique attractions in Malaysia like rose and lavender gardens, including strawberry farms where travellers can pick the fruit directly from the beds. Covering 71,000 hectares of land, Cameron Highlands is full of things to do, especially if you were a nature enthusiast who enjoys jungle trekking. For ideas on how to enjoy Cameron Highlands, read on to find out the 7 things you can do at the destination.

Most of Malaysia’s cut flowers and temperate vegetables and fruits are grown in the Cameron Highlands. Photo: Facebook O&R Garden Cameron Highlands

1. Photograph a Number of Gardens that are Blooming with Flowers

Kea Farm’s Orchid & Rose Garden (, or O&R Garden for short, is a popular destination. This picturesque farm is ensconced in a tiny valley between Copthorne Cameron Highlands and Cameron Square. Known for its orchids and roses, the majority of the flower patches are shaded by canopies to reduce the quantity of sunlight reaching the flowers while protecting them from the elements. If you intended to go for a Jungle Walk, you should go early in the morning when the weather is cooler.

Enjoying cream and locally-produced strawberry jam is an essential highland experience. Photo: Twitter @Jomkitamy

2. Pick and Eat Delicious, Sweet Local Strawberries

Brinchang’s most popular tourist attraction is the Big Red Strawberry Farm ( This strawberry field is completely covered, making it a great spot to visit rain or shine. Big Red Strawberry Farm is one of the strawberry farms that allows both adults and small children to pick strawberries. The farm provides baskets and scissors, and a staff is usually on hand to help travellers pick the strawberries. Strawberry season usually lasts from May through August. On-site, there’s a cafe where you can sample strawberry ice cream, strawberry juice, and cream tea with strawberry jam. Yummy!


When visiting Cameron Highlands, you won’t have to travel far to see birds. Photo: Pinterest

3. Go Bird Watching

Because of the chilly climate and the general highland vibe, Cameron Highlands is ideal for bird watching. Mountain Peacock Pheasant, Yellow Breasted Warblers, and Silver Eared Mesias are just a few of the avians that can be found in the rainforests that blanket the highlands. Many of the guesthouses and hotels in Cameron Highlands can arrange a bird watching tour for you, where you can either go out with a guide who will help you spot some of the species, or go and climb up into the mountains alone, as long as you be careful.

Jungle trekking, walking, cycling and mountain biking appeal to visitors who enjoy a little action in their holiday. Photo: Instagram @c_hughesxv

4. Accompany a Local Guide on a Jungle Trek

Cameron Highlands offers various jungle treks for eco-conscious travellers. It is a fantastic way to learn about the destination’s fauna and flora. Before embarking on any forest route trekking, precautions must be taken. Bring plenty of water, a whistle, matches or lighters, warm clothing, torches, and a fully charged smartphone. You never know when a simple walk down a jungle track can turn into a jungle survival situation. If you’re going on a major jungle trek, let the hotel staff, the police, or friends know. For this type of adventure, it is a good idea to hire a guide. If you ever get separated from the group, the district officer will have to contact the Orang Asli trackers, Cameron Highlands aborigines who are skilled hunters and capable in tracking you down!

BOH Plantations owns the majority of the tea estates in Cameron Highlands. Photo: Instagram @cedric.lovenature

5. Tour and Have a Sip of Fresh Brew at The Boh Tea Plantation

The Boh Tea Company – established since 1929 – is one of Malaysia’s most well-known tea brands. It is therefore only fitting for you to learn how the tea is collected and grown while appreciating the beautiful green terraces at the iconic Boh Tea Plantation ( The view over the plantation is breathtaking and considered as one of the best spots to take in the majestic landscape that Cameron Highlands is known for. A wonderful tea shop is also located here, where you can unique brews and purchase souvenirs as remembrance of your visit. 

Extensive rainforests including the mossy forest flourish in the Cameron Highlands. Photo: Instagram @mossyforestcameronhighlands 

6. Take in The Eerie Atmosphere of The Mossy Forest

Besides tea plantations and rainforest, buried in the mountains of Mount Brinchang lies the legendary and enchanting Mossy Forest, which has now become a popular attraction. It is a location within the highland forest that is laden by moss, as the name suggests. The cool and wet atmosphere created by Mount Brinchang’s elevation at 2,032 metres above sea level is ideal for exotic plants like moss, ferns, spices, and orchids to grow. Be sure to visit the place with an experienced guide who will be able to point out to you the unusual flora.

A table full of food

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Nasi Lemak Sambal Strawberry. Photo: Instagram @neshalim 

7. Try Nasi Lemak Sambal Strawberry, Weird but Delicious

This café is in Taman Sedia, which is also conveniently accessible from Tanah Rata. During the week, it is easy to find a seat. This restaurant or café becomes packed on weekends or public holidays. From breakfast to lunch, dinner to snacks, and desserts to beverages, 200 Seeds Café ( has it all. The mix of sambal and strawberries is the restaurant’s highlight. For your information, sambal is a spicy condiment made from chilli that works well with most Malaysian food. It sounds strange at first, but the taste might pleasantly surprise you. For suggestions on what to order, try the café’s Nasi Lemak Sambal Strawberry Ayam Berempah and Western fare.



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