1. Kellie’s Castle
  2. Tanjung Tualang Tin Dredge Ship and Heritage Museum
  3. The Lost World of Tambun
  4. Ipoh Heritage Trail
    From Railway Station to The Birch Memorial Clock Tower
  5. Lenggong Archaelogical Gallery
  6. Kuala Kangsar Heritage Trail
    From Istana Iskandariah to Galeri Sultan Azlan Shah
  7. Lunch at Ayam Penyet AP at Mydin Meru Raya Hypermarket
    Introducing the Latest Product of Touch ‘N’ Go: MyPass
  8. Heritage House “Muzium Gopeng”
  9. Kinta Tin Mining (Gravel Pump) Museum


Mention Kellie’s Castle and the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind is the mystery surrounding it. Apparitions pacing on the corridor of the second floor at night and smell of incense is still reported by those who have visited this unfinished manor. Even Expedia (US-based travel portal), has listed the handsome and rustic yet spine-chilling Kellie’s Castle as one of the most haunted places in Malaysia.

This handsome fairy-tale castle stood by a river in Batu Gajah, 20 minutes’ drive from Ipoh, the state capital of Perak. Built by a Scottish civil engineer named William Kellie Smith for his wife, Agnes, in 1915, he brought in 70 craftsmen from Madras, India to construct the huge castle with Scottish, Moorish and Indian architecture. Malaya’s first elevator, an indoor tennis court and wine cellars were included in the plan.

Unfortunately, before the completion of the castle, based on anecdotes, the craftsmen were struck by the Spanish Flu and William Kellie Smith died at the age of 56 in Lisbon, Portugal in 1926. William’s wife was distraught and left Malaya for Scotland. The abandoned castle was thereafter sold to a British company called Harrisons and Crossfield.

Although William and his family did not have the chance to move in, throughout the years, witnesses reported seeing his apparition, including his wife and even his daughter. This site is amongst Perak’s most visited historical attraction for travellers and certainly ghost hunters.

  • Make an effort to look for the nearby Hindu temple that commemorates William Kellie Smith as one of the deities sculpted on the temple’s roof.
  • Kellie’s Castle had been cited in the London Financier Newspaper on the 15th of September 1911 for its rare designs and architectural characteristics.
  • It is rumoured that the castle has a secret passages and hidden tunnels to a certain location.

Kellie’s Castle
Address: Chalet MDKB Kellies Castle
Jalan Gopeng  31000 Batu Gajah, Perak ‎
Tel: +6 05 255 2772
Latitude: 04°47.4797’ Longitude: 101°08.7757’

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