The latter part of 2015 has indeed been challenging, with Malaysia and its neighbours suffering from the persistently unhealthy haze that affected regional travel; a global economic slowdown that affects international tourism arrivals; and the fall in the value of Ringgit and Rupiah, discouraging many Malaysians and Indonesians from travelling overseas. However, despite such problems, we believe that travellers of today are more sophisticated and ingenious, proving resilient and resourceful in creatively finding ways to continue travelling and enriching their lives.

And here’s where Gaya Travel Magazine hopes to assist travellers of today: by constantly offering ideas and suggestions within its pages on where to go and what to do, come what may. From Langkawi and Kuching to Jordan and even Lisbon, we hope our readers will be able to find inspiration and the confidence to continue travelling in not just trying
to find the destinations but also themselves. May all of you travellers find the most important thing during your travels, which is your true self.

See you in the next issue…

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Cover illustration “Finding Inspiration” by Emila Yusof www.emilayusof.com


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Datuk Rashidi Hasbullah– Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Tourism & Culture Malaysia


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