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Assalamualaikum and Happy 2016 everybody!

With the new year comes the new look and material that Gaya Travel Magazine is experimenting with so as to remain current yet timelessly relevant at the same time. We hope our readers will find Issue 11.1 niftier, more succinct and easy on the eyes. This new look is our humble attempt to be in line with the design direction of many international magazines. It also represents our decision to face the future with freshness, hope and determination because too many are suggesting that the first half of 2016 would be challenging since the global economy is expected to slow down.

Speaking of which, let us not allow such negativity to weigh us down in pursuing what we love, which is travelling. I personally think that the word ‘travelling’ now takes a different meaning in the times of frugality, austerity and prudence. Travelling does not necessarily have to be far, expensive, excessive and showy. Travelling is about taking the physical journey that are beneficial to your body, mind and soul. The benefits that you get from travelling are not just derived from being adventurous, hedonistic, or simply rushing through destinations like a whirlwind to cover as many places as possible.

Staying still at a place to absorb its beauty and atmosphere – better yet, interact with locals and make friends – while taking it easy or even doing nothing also bring benefits. Travelling does not have to be sexy, far-flung and ego-boosting, it could be as simple as exploring neighbourhoods that are unfamiliar to you or visiting curious places within your own city that you always take for granted, leaving you all the more richer once you know them better. That, to us, is sufficient to be categorised as ‘travelling’.

So in 2016, keep calm and continue travelling, no matter how near the destinations are or how mundane they would sound to the people you know. If you need ideas on where to go in 2016, just flip through the pages within this issue. Just be sure that in the end, it is you who will benefit from your travel – body, mind and soul…

See you in the next issue…

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