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Agoda data reveals that Malaysia and KL are among the top choices for summer travelers from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

Agoda, one of the world’s fastest growing digital travel platforms, has revealed top destination choices from travelers around the world for a summer getaway based on its travel data.

From the data provided, Malaysia emerged the top destination country for travelers from Saudi Arabia with Kuala Lumpur ranked top of the list and Langkawi in the 10th spot. Kuala Lumpur also made the top 10 destinations of choice for travelers from the Middle East, as a whole, moving up one rank from last year’s ninth spot to the eight spot in 2019.

Ready, Set, Summer!

Kuala Lumpur

Meanwhile, Agoda’s data revealed Tokyo, London and Las Vegas continue to hold the top destination spots in 2019.

Top Summer Destinations for travelers from Saudi Arabia and the Middle East

Middle East
No 2018 2019
1. Dubai London
2. Abu Dhabi Paris
3. Manama Rome
4. Mecca Bali
5. Riyadh New York
6. Bangkok Dubai
7. Jeddah Bangkok
8. Istanbul Kuala Lumpur
9. Kuala Lumpur Amsterdam
10. London Tokyo


Japan dominates Asia Pacific travelers’ summer plans scooping six out of the top ten destinations this summer.  Firm favorites Tokyo, Osaka, Okinawa Main Island, Kyoto, are joined this year by Sapporo and Fukuoka, knocking Singapore and Hong Kong out of the top 10 list.

Tokyo’s appeal as a hot destination isn’t limited to travelers from Asia, it sits in the top ten for travelers across all regions, with Agoda’s booking data showing Tokyo jump to second spot for US travelers and fifth for Europeans this year.

While Asia-Pacific travelers are more likely to holiday ‘locally’, travelers from the Middle East, North America and Europe are crossing continents for their summer break. The fashion capitals of Europe, London and Paris are the top cities enticing Middle East travelers this year, while Rome, with its history and Italian chic, takes the third spot. Asian destinations are also inching up the list for Middle Eastern travelers, with Bali, and Tokyo joining Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur in this year’s top 10.


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