By Amierah Noor Ibrahim on August 12, 2011


The ocean breeze welcomes me with its gentle touch at Sutra Beach Resort. Located in beautiful well-preserved fishing village of Merang, this resort is one the best resorts in the East Coast that promises its guests with a memorable stay. The weariness from the long hours of driving finally disappeared upon my arrival at the peaceful and calming ambience of this charming resort.
Welcomed with refreshing drinks, I was then brought to my room. The room speaks for itself: it is just as lovely as it looks from the outside. Facing the sea, this is just a perfect place for me to relax and leave the hustle and bustle of my hectic city life behind. Outside the balcony, there is a set of furniture for me to hang out. Having no time wasted, I immediately took out my novel, put on my shades and spent the whole evening under the sun.

After relaxing at my balcony, I made my way to the Ulek Sutra Spa to indulge myself with some local traditional pampering. There were a few treatments like Raja Sehari (King or Queen for the day) which is normally taken by newlyweds or honeymooners; Menjunjung Kasih (Embracing Love), a Balinese inspired treatment; and Alunan Ombak (Sound of the Waves), a traditionally inspired treatment, which was the one I chose. The treatment went on for about an hour. It was rejuvenating and I could not thank the therapist enough for kneading away all my muscle knots with aromatically refreshing massage oil. For dinner, I went to Merang Restaurant for fine dining. The set up of the restaurant is very unique. The combination of the traditional and contemporary elemts created a very inviting ambience. I decided to try something unusual for my dinner and I ordered the mouhth-watering ketupat sotong, which was essentially squid stuffed with sticky rice and served in coconut milk. I then ordered a local dessert to complete my dinner, which was tepung bungkus, rice powder stuffed with fried coconut kernel. After a restful night’s sleep and as I opened my eyes the next day, I could hear the sound of the waves very clearly.
I decided to take a stroll on the beach while watching the waves crash onto the white powdery beach. I have never felt so close to nature. My menu for breakfast was “Nasi Kerabu”, a traditionally cooked rice using special flower that turns the rice into blue and served with grilled chicken. The colour of the rice is just as delightful as the taste. I then went around the resort to check its grounds. The resort has function rooms that can accommodate up to 300 packs at a time. It also accepts reservation for couples that want to have their reception by the beach. It was already afternoon and I had nothing else in mind but to take a dip in the crystal blue water. There were not enough words to describe the feeling I had when I plunged into the salty water. After spending some time by the beach, I continued to the swimming pool. As I watched the sun slowly retreating from the sky, I lay by the pool while enjoying my juice. I then though to myself – could things get any better than this? The next day came and I had to say goodbye to the resort. I must confess that Sutra Beach Resort, with its down-to-earth unpretentious charms and easily liked by many who come through its doors, will surely have a special place in my heart, making me feel like it is almost like being at home.



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