Why Golf is the Perfect Sport to Take You Outdoors in Malaysia

Want the best of nature, health, and beauty that the country has to offer? Here’s why golf is the perfect sport to take you outdoors in Malaysia.

If you’re looking for a way to get your nature fill, exercise, and fun, golf is the perfect activity.

Want the best of nature, health, and beauty that the country has to offer? Here’s why golf is the perfect sport to take you outdoors in Malaysia.

Malaysia may not be famous for its golf, but you’ll be surprised at how prominent the sport is in the country! It makes perfect sense, considering the country is layered with absolutely stunning natural wonders. 

If you’re looking for a way to get your nature fill, exercise, and fun, golf is the perfect activity. Highly recommended setting aside some time to swing your clubs and take in the scenery if you happen to be in the area. 

If you need convincing, here’s why golf is the perfect sport to take you outdoors in Malaysia. It doesn’t matter if you’re a local or if you’re visiting from elsewhere, golf is accessible to everyone. 


Play Or Watch 

Malaysia is packed with spectacular golf courses. The tropical climate makes it near-perfect weather to play at any time of year, although you shouldn’t forget to stay hydrated in the heat! 

With 175 golf clubs belonging to the Malaysian Golf Association, you can take your pick of lovely places to play. The Els Club Teluk Datai is highly recommended, which is situated right on the beach – so close that if you overshoot the green, you’ll lose your ball to the ocean! 

It’s not the only magnificent golfing experience in the region, though, so if you’ve got some time to spare, do a bit of research and find a couple more to enjoy. 

But playing golf isn’t the only thing you have to look forward to in Malaysia. The Malaysian Open is a professional golf tournament held in Malaysia as part of the Asian Tour. It draws professional golf from around the world, so if you want a break from your own game, you can check out the pros do their thing. 

Whether you’re working on your own game on the putting green or watching someone else play, you’re getting outdoors! 

You can play by yourself or with others.

Play Alone or With Others 

One of the best things about golf as a sport is that you can play by yourself or with others. If you want to spend a few hours alone, contemplating life, enjoying the fresh air, and clearing your mind, it’s easy to do on the golf course or the driving range. 

On the other hand, if you want to meet up with a few friends and have some fun, golf is also the perfect outdoor activity to enjoy as a group. Whether you’re fooling around on the mini golf course or having a serious challenge on the full 18 holes, the golf course is a great place for socializing. 

And the best thing is, if you’re still practicing socially distancing, golf is the ideal sport to socialize while keeping your distance! 

Embrace Nature 

Malaysia is an ecological haven, home to about 20% of the world’s creatures in a single location! It’s absolutely packed with amazing wildlife, birdlife, and plants that you just don’t get other opportunities to view as close up as you do here. 

You can certainly visit one of the many national parks or reserves to get your fill of the stunning flora and fauna. Or, you can golf! It’s no secret that golf courses are laid out in some of the most spectacular natural areas, and work with the natural topography to not only provide a challenge for golfers, but also to maintain as natural a state as possible. 

When you play a round of golf, you’re not just on a sports field. You’re in a lovely natural location, and especially in a place like Malaysia, you have a high chance of seeing some of the local wildlife while you play. 

And apart from it just being an amazing experience to golf in such beauty, you’re also getting some fresh air, soaking up some vitamin D, and getting a bit of exercise as well. 

Stay Healthy and Mobile 

Speaking of exercise, golf is a fantastic way to get your muscles and joints moving in a healthy, low-impact kind of way. No matter your fitness level, range of motion, mobility, or ability, you absolutely can play a good round of golf… And improve your fitness. 

Golf offers the best of both cardiovascular exercise and using your muscles in a healthy, low-impact way. Your golf swing involves muscles from the chest, shoulders, glutes, and core, so every swing will be working them! 

And then there’s the walking. While you can choose to ride the golf cart from shot to shot and hole to hole, walking is not only healthier, but it affords you the opportunity to really experience the beauty around you more closely. 

Avoid Tourist Traps 

If you’re a tourist in the area, golf is an excellent choice of activity for all of the above reasons we’ve already mentioned! But it’s also one of the few activities that you can’t really fall into a tourist trap with. 

Malaysia is an extremely popular tourist destination, for a wide range of reasons! But with popular tourist destinations, come tourist traps – those places where you think you’re going to experience one thing, and it turns out to be vastly different and not at all what you hoped for. 

That doesn’t happen with golf. What you see online is what you get. The fees you see online are the fees you pay. And that amazing scenery is right there for you to enjoy. 


If you weren’t sure that golf is the perfect sport to take you outdoors in Malaysia, perhaps these ideas have changed your mind! It truly is a fantastic sport for almost anybody to take part in, no matter our age, fitness, or skill level. 

As you can tell, there are a multitude of benefits to choosing golf over other sports or outdoor activities in Malaysia. While we highly recommend enjoying yourself and experiencing all the region has to offer, we definitely recommend that a round or two of golf is on your list!

If you’re planning on visiting soon, pack your clubs and your golf gloves as well as your camera and backpack. You won’t regret it! 

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