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Situated along Jalan Tun Razak, one of Kuala Lumpur’s main thoroughfares and commercial arteries, GTower Hotel offers new experience that could rival even the more established properties in the city.

GTower Hotel has been in operation for a year and three months. In such a short time, it has become one of the most sought after accommodations in Kuala Lumpur among business travellers who not only seek comfort but also support properties that possess responsible tourism and environmental conservation.Stepping into the lobby, if you are expected is to see grand chandeliers gracing the ceiling with classical European opulent decor, you will definitely be disappointed. Instead, guests will be welcomed with contemporary and sensuously lit minimalist lobby and a swanky reception area that strikes more like a living room. The swift check in was probably the reason this hotel does not need the usual long reception counter.


I was quickly ushered around by Mr. Alex, the Marketing Communications representative around GTower Hotel, a property recognised as the first green hotel in Malaysia whereby every aspect of operation is carried out based on green principles. As a boutique hotel, GTower Hotel provides 180 rooms that employs contemporary minimalist concept that provides guests more space to work.

This hotel is the first in Asia to have all of its rooms under Club category. Unlike a typical business hotel room that positions a tight wardrobe and bathroom too close to the entrance door, in GTower Hotel’s case, the first thing that we saw is a walk-in wardrobe. “The Executive Director of GTower Hotel himself, Mr. Colin Ng, is a frequent traveller. When he is travelling, he sometimes invites his friends to come over to his room and the last thing he needs is to let his friends see his luggage and clothes. So, Mr. Colin decided to place the walk-in wardrobe instead so that all the clothes will be kept hidden from guests’ view”, said Mr. Alex. Though that was something that we never considered before, at hindsight, we realised that Mr. Colin is indeed right since we then remembered of instances when our friends who visited some of our accommodations had to be greeted by the unsightly contents of the room’s wardrobe when entering our rooms.

After inspecting the room, we then headed to the Elements Gym, the very first boutique gym in Kuala Lumpur that opens its membership to the public (but limited to only 1,500 members) apart from offering access to staying guests. Among the five-star rated services lined-up for the guests and members of the gym are scheduled exercise classes and personalised programmes, including one-on-one Pilates and sports therapy.The 32,000 square feet gym is equipped with heated infinity pool that does not use chlorine in its water but instead uses saline water as an efffort to promote green technology.From this pool, guests will be able to see the soaring Petronas Twin Towers set amongst the skyline of Kuala Lumpur. The gym also provides facilities like sauna, locker room, safety deposit boxes and tower services. We just could not stop ourselves from experiencing the state of the art facilities that the gym offers. Since I enjoy swimming, I quickly took a dip into the infinity pool that features the hectic city of Kuala Lumpur as its picturesque background. It was an amazing experience to swim at the height of seventh floor of a building with a splendid view of the bustling metropolis.

Having spent a good time at the pool, I could not think of any other better place to unwind than The Club on the 28th floor. Dress code applies to enter this place so I dressed up accordingly on my way up. I started out not having any expectation of The Club because I thought it was just another food and beverage outlet – turned out that I was terribly wrong.As I stepped into The Club, everybody seemed to be blissfully enveloped in what they were doing, simply lounging and chilling out while drinking or talking. There is a soundproof conference room, lounge areas for discussion and also an open air terrace for those who want to enjoy the night gazing at the sky while enjoying canapés, like what I did. I must say that The Club could be the best needed answer for those seeking for a watering hole that offers a true respite after a long and stressful day at work. The Club is accessible to all hotel guests and the members of The Club.

After spending a great moment adoring the beautiful day, I noticed one section of The Club called Bridge Bar and I was told that it is only open from five in the evening onwards and I was lucky that my timing was just right. As I headed to the bar, I realised that I was actually floating between two buildings. It was really an incredible experience being at the Bridge Bar, which is levitating 28 floors above ground. Bridge Bar uses recycled furniture that has been reupholstered so as to be in line with the property’s eco-friendly conviction. GTower is indeed living up to the 4R principles: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, literally bringing the idea of sustainability to a whole new level.


The GTower Hotel has already been garnering numerous accolades for its achievements in boldly stepping up their game in being different from the other properties. This recognition indicates that The GTower Hotel is not just another boutique hotel that tries to appeal to new-age guests in order to make money off its clientele. It apparently has established itself as an epitome of business that is committed in turning our world into a better place to live not just for the present but also for the future. The hard work put in by everybody in the team has definitely borne fruit. As Mr. Colin Ng aptly mentioned, “It is the unique synergy from the owners (GTower Sdn. Bhd.), design, build and construction teams that made it possible for GTower and its integrated components to stand proud and tall today – broadcasting a strong message to all Malaysians that environmental sustainability is not just a myth”.


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  1. precilla says:

    hey there! your review on this hotel have caught my attention. i am actually in the midst of doing a research on hotels which incorporates green practices. gtower has been certified as one of the green hotels in malaysia. as you have experienced staying at this hotel itself, what else can you share on their efforts on being eco-friendly?


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