By Jeremy Khalil on April 28, 2015


Malaysia, 28 April 2015 – HotelQuickly, APAC’s leading last-minute hotel booking app, announced the release of a HotelQuickly app for Apple Watch, available on the app store as of now. Working in tandem with the traveller’s iPhone, the HotelQuickly Apple Watch app brings access for navigation and check-in to the wrist, and ‘handoff’ continuity for instant transition right where they left off on their watch.

“40% of HotelQuickly customers use iPhones for their last-minute bookings. By launching the HotelQuickly app for Apple Watch, we are continuing to innovate the mobile travel segment in Asia Pacific and are taking the hotel booking experience to the next level,” said Tomas Laboutka, HotelQuickly’s Co-Founder and CEO.

“The immediacy of the watch encourages impulse bookings and will keep HotelQuickly top of mind with spontaneous travellers. The ‘handoff’ feature enables a seamless transition between the watch and the iPhone, delivering a superior user experience, something users of HotelQuickly would expect from their Watch app,” he continued.


HotelQuickly app for Apple Watch features:

– Booking reference: Users can manage their current bookings and access details on hotel name, arrival date, number of nights, location on a map and directions from current location, the address available in both English and the local language of the hotel, the telephone number of the hotel.

– ‘Handoff’: creates seamless integration and continuity with the parent HotelQuickly app on user’s iPhones, enabling them to continue browsing hotel offers, navigating the map or reviewing their booking details, where they left off on their Apple Watch.

– Timely alerts: vibrates the watch as users could miss important notifications on their phones.

HotelQuickly Apple Watch all full descriptions



“Withing two years of launching HotelQuickly, about one million people have downloaded the app,” said Laboutka. “HotelQuickly stands for intuitive, superior experience in mobile hotel booking, as we focus all our resources on breaking down silos and delivering an outstanding product. We hope to be making life more spontaneous and easier,” he concluded with a wink.

The HotelQuickly app for Apple Watch is available from the App Watch Store beginning April 24, 2015. The HotelQuickly iPhone app is free to download from iTunes at


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