By Jeremy Khalil on April 22, 2015


Skyrides Festival Park, slated to open end of this month in Putrajaya, is creating ripples at its waterfront location next to the New Millennium Monument in Precinct 2. The family theme park is set to be the new iconic tourist destination in the Malaysia Year of Festivals (MyFEST) 2015 tourism campaign.

Skyrides Festival Park is conceptualised as an integrated mix of attractions for the young and old, catering to both locals and international tourists. “There is something for everyone to enjoy at Skyrides Festivals Park, for example, we have the SkyWarrior Rainforest Challenge with water-themed obstacle courses, SkyDemo interactive handicraft centre, SkyGallery showcasing creative collectibles, SkyKids amusement centre for children, SkyTaste and SkyCafe with delicious dining options,” said Dato’ Zaharah Salamat, Chief Executive Officer of venue owner, Marina Putrajaya Sdn Bhd.

“Then there is the Skyrides Centre, full of fun facts on all things balloon, SkyCruise for lovely lakeside cruising and SkyStage which is a platform for live performances and musical showcases during weekends. The stage area is also available for private or corporate bookings,” she added.


The star attraction, Skyrides Balloon, offers secure and environment-focused recreational pleasure. Features include the patented winched system operated by trained and certified pilots. The stringent operational standards further ensure uncompromised safety measures and sturdy structural strength. As an eco-friendly attraction, there is virtually zero effect on air quality. It is also completely noiseless.

Said to be one of the world’s highest and biggest tethered balloon rides with a capacity of 30 passengers, Skyrides Balloon nestles on a spectacular star-shaped platform ingeniously built over the picturesque Putrajaya Lake. Imagine being tethered up to 120 metres (400 feet) in the air, where you can stroll around the octagonal-shaped gondola.

On-board, passengers can feast their eyes with an amazing 360-degree panoramic view of Putrajaya’s architectural grandeur. On a clear day, they can probably stretch their perspective up to 50km into the horizon. The scenic view spreads beyond the shimmering waterscape, flanked by the futuristic Seri Wawasan Bridge and the regal cable-stayed arched Seri Perdana Bridge. Majestic Islamic-inspired architecture buildings can be seen dotting the verdant landscape, in harmony with the eye-catching Persian Islamic features of Masjid Putra and the Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque on both sides of the Skyrides Festivals Park.

Acting like an observation deck, Skyrides Balloon’s bird’s eye view proffers interesting insights of Putrajaya’s world-class city planning system. Come nightfall, the Skyrides Balloon ride escalates to a magical realm with the whole city enveloped in a glittering illumination of lights and glorious interplay of colours! Truly a memorable experience that will be forever etched in their mind!


Skyrides Festivals Park offers fantastic leisure up in the skies and on the ground! Make it your next stop for a day out with your friends and loved ones. For more information, please log on to


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