By Jeremy Khalil on April 20, 2015


Kuala Lumpur, 18 April 2015: Starbucks partners and volunteers from across Malaysia came together this April for Starbucks’ fifth annual Global Month of Service (GMoS) with a shared goal to encourage youth to contribute back to the community.

Working side by side with Roots & Shoots Malaysia, Hope Worldwide Malaysia and Nikon Photography Club, Starbucks partners, along with volunteers from Roots & Shoots and Nikon Photography Club participated in community service activities to help the community of Kampung Lubuk Jaya on 18 April 2015.

The initiative is an important step in Starbucks’ ongoing commitment to use its scale to encourage greater understanding, empathy and compassion towards one another, particularly to encourage youth empowerment in environmental and community projects.


“Every Starbucks store is part of a community and we’re committed to strengthening neighbourhoods wherever we do business. We believe in the power of the coffeehouse to bring people together and share passions to be catalysts for change. Therefore, every April, Starbucks will celebrate the annual Global Month of Service (GMoS), where our partners (employees) will dedicate their time and energy to create positive change in their local neighbourhoods,” said Mr. Sydney Quays, Managing Director of Starbucks Malaysia and Brunei.

“We are truly glad to once again join forces with Starbucks Malaysia to successfully complete another meaningful event. The preservation of global environments is important for future generations, allowing generations to come to enjoy the same precious moments that we do. We are truly proud to be associated with such an event,” said Mr. David Ng, Nikon Malaysia General Manager, Consumer Products.

The goal this year is to build a drainage system at the Community Computer Centre in Kampung Lubuk Jaya to ensure that excess water will be carried away and reduces the risk of floods in the village. A landscaping project that covers approximately 240 square meters was also carried out.

Youths comprising Starbucks partners along with volunteers from Roots & Shoots and Nikon Photography Club beautifying the landscape around Kampung Lubuk Jaya Community Computer Centre

Youths comprising Starbucks partners along with volunteers from Roots & Shoots and Nikon Photography Club beautifying the landscape around Kampung Lubuk Jaya Community Computer Centre


“Roots & Shoots is delighted to be part of such a great cause where we can also do our part to give back to the community. This event has provided us with the opportunity to enrich the lives of rural communities through volunteerism. Some of our volunteers will be coming together with others to consciously make a difference for the residents of Kampung Lubuk Jaya.” said Mr. Jyunichi Washizaki, Project Manager of Roots & Shoots Malaysia.

Activities for the day also included a cheque presentation of USD$ 10,000 presented to Hope Worldwide. This is a community service grant from Starbucks which gives financial aid to NGOs in support to both long term and short term community programs that circulates in the areas of education, health, and environment. In this case, the grant is used to fund E-Learning classes which are held in the community computer center of Kampung Lubuk Jaya where Hope Worldwide provided the course syllabus, materials, and class conduction at the center.

Starbucks also took the opportunity to introduce the ‘Young Author Program’ where Starbucks is working towards creating a platform that aims to bring young writers together and cultivate their interest in writing. “We want to encourage children to embrace different forms of writing and storytelling. It is our hope that these young writers will be inspired by the many ways writing can be interpreted and shared.” Mr. Quays added.

As a start, Starbucks will be working with the children who have benefited from the E-Learning program. Starbucks collaborated with Nikon Malaysia where members from the Nikon Photography Club engage with each of the children and educate them on photography and interpret stories from the children’s’ view. Their stories will be published in Starbucks’ social media platforms.

“Through this meaningful activity, participants from different walks of life will be able to contribute to the society by engaging and providing opportunities for youths to challenge perceptions and observe things from different perspectives, which is in a nutshell what photography is all about,” Mr. Ng added.

The program will begin in Kiang Valley and the next phase will be kicked off at different regions of Malaysia where Roots & Shoots Malaysia will be joining in as well. “Roots & Shoots is looking forward to starting the first of several collaborations with Starbucks. With the Young Author’s Programme, this presents us with such a wonderful occasion to hopefully mark a long-term partnership between both parties.” said Mr. Washizaki.


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