By Anas Abas on July 24, 2019


Recently my wife, eight-month old baby boy and I had the opportunity to use one of American Tourister’s latest offerings: The Curio 29” Spinner in Spicy Peach colour! After lugging it around for our family trips to Kelantan and Perak from Kuala Lumpur, we find American Tourister Curio 29” Spinner remarkably nifty, and below are our reasons why!

1. Light weight

American Tourister

American Tourister

The first thing we noticed about the American Tourister Curio 29” Spinner is its nett weight, which is only 4.9 kilograms, surprisingly lighter than the other luggage that we have already owned. Those who often travel by air will find this a boon because luggage weight is a serious issue – you wouldn’t want to pay additional hundreds or thousands just for excess weight. The frame is light, allowing you to maximise on the luggage allowance. However, please take note that some international airlines impose restrictions on the maximum dimensions or sizes of check-in luggage even though the luggage weight is within limit.

2. Built tough and durable

The shell of this suitcase is made of 100% polypropylene, a strong plastic material – now you understand why it is light. The material’s durability allows the luggage to withstand bumps and crashes while travelling, on top of holding the weight of all other luggage being dumped above it during check-in.

One caveat though: the shell is prone to scratches and you might want to get a suitcase cover. But since the American Tourister Curio 29” Spinner has ribbed shell, it helps to hide those scuffs so that the luggage remain looking good.

3. Easy Handling

Thanks to the luggage’s four sturdy double wheels with reinforced corners, manoeuvring the American Tourister Curio 29” Spinner is really smooth! You can push it without having to tilt your luggage because the wheels can turn 360 degrees and save yourself from straining your arm dragging a heavy load luggage.

4. TSA Approved Lock

If you’re a frequent flyer, you must be familiar about the TSA lock and its importance, especially for checked-in baggage. We hear many cases of people being held up and locked away for hiding something illegal in the luggage. Though you might not be the one who placed that questionable thing in your luggage but done by somebody else instead, you are still responsible for the luggage and bear the consequences. Hence, NO ONE ELSE other than the airport authorities should be able to open your luggage!

When you have the TSA friendly lock, it pretty much helps the authorities inspect your luggage without damaging it because it would be easy for the authorities to unlock and then lock it back after checking.

5. 7 chic colours

American Tourister

American Tourister

The American Tourister Curio 29” Spinner comes in seven vibrant and fun colours to fit your taste, personality and even wardrobe: pink, purple, black, white, spicy peach, golden yellow and denim blue!

So, there you have it, the reasons why I consider the American Tourister Curio 29” Spinner is fantastic, especially for a couple travelling with a baby, infant or toddler because you can simply stuff everything inside one whole luggage and ready to go!

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