6 Things That Might Surprise You About Coach Tours

Trafalgar shares with you 6 things that may certainly surprise you about coach touring, or as we like to say, guided holidays.

Trafalgar shares with you 6 things that may certainly surprise you about coach touring, or as we like to say, guided holidays.

Coach Tours. These thoughts would have crossed your mind. ‘It’s boring’. ‘It’s too rushed’. ‘It’s for older folks’. ‘Food is terrible’. ‘We won’t get to do anything fun’. ‘All you do is stop at factories and shop’.

Well you may have it wrong. Trafalgar shares with you 6 things that may certainly surprise you about coach touring, or as we like to say, guided holidays.

1.      Pop culture is influencing new itineraries



Movies and TV shows are playing a strong role in influencing destination choices for a holiday. Game of Thrones fans especially, hold on to your seats. A special interest trip called Celtic Filmscapes will take guests to the filming locations of popular TV and cinematic films such as Game of Thrones, James Bond, Cloud Atlas, Chariots of Fire, and My Left Foot to name a few. Guests will visit the actual film site of Winterfell in Castle Ward where they’ll participate in a unique Game of Thrones experience and enjoy the thrill of the firing live arrows whilst dressed in original character costumes from the HBO show.

2.      You can, and will go, beyond the iconic sights



Although we go to all the must-see sights, we also focus on providing you with authentic experiences through the use of local specialists and cultural insights. Weintroduce guests to locals and they will share their traditions, cuisines and history with you. You will also visit the homes, restaurants, vineyards and farms of local people with our Be My Guest dining experiences, where you will enjoy a home cooked meal made with freshly sourced produce and dine with the local family of the property.

3.      You can experience one destination in-depth or visit multiple countries

Whether you’re a first time traveller to a destination or a returning traveller who wants to see more, there are various trip styles to suit your needs. A country explorer style trip will offer a deeper appreciation of the destination’s people and culture in one country. There’s city explorer trips which are best for experiencing London, Paris or Rome, and has exclusive inclusions such as a dining experience at Gordon Ramsay’s newest restaurant, Heddon Street Kitchen in London’s West End. Or, discoverers at heart can enjoy holidays moving from one country effortlessly to the next, which ranges from seven to 29 days depending on the number of countries you’d like to visit.

4.      You’re not rushing through destinations

Tokyo in Six Days

You have the flexibility of spending a minimum of two nights in each destination on an At Leisure programme, which are designed for those who want a more leisurely-paced holiday with later starts and longer stays. You will have plenty of time to relax, and free time to explore cities at your own pace.

5.      You don’t always travel to the big cities

Some guests want to visit less-explored destinations, therefore a hidden journey programme take travellers into less-visited places such as Rocamadour, a medieval pilgrimage city clinging to a cliff in France; Italy’s Piedmont region, home to the slow food movement; and the countryside of Switzerland to discover off-route places like the Emmental region and the walled town of Murten.

6.      Some tours don’t even involve a coach

Sometimes, we have different ways of travel to suit the destination and reveal it in a unique and inspiring way. There are Cruise, Rail or Combinations, dedicated to giving each guest a different perspective of a destination that may not be achieved when travelling by coach. For example, on one of our Swiss itineraries, guests will travel on the Glacier Express, Golden Pass train and high-speed train from Zurich to St. Mortiz, Zermatt, Geneva, and Lucerne and back to Zurich.


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