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Once you bought a ring to seal your commitment, the next thing to worry about are where and how to propose. It can be a lot of pressure since everyone wishes to propose and be proposed just like in the movies, so you definitely want your partner to give you a resounding yes and maybe cried a little for your effort. Read the following list that has we put together to get that enthusiastic “I do!” from your spouse-to-be.

1.Koh Rong Island, Cambodia 

Wedding proposal should be as impressive as your wedding reception. Make your unsuspecting bride-to-be gasp when you pop the question at the pristine beach of Koh Rong Island. The island is a sight to behold day and night. You may get down in one knee during the beautiful sunset or when the moon is out and the beach glows! Since the island is being well taken care of, it creates a perfect environment for bioluminescent planktons to glow, creating an excellent setting for a memorable romantic gesture. Do plan your proposal between November and May to get the best view of the cloudless sky.

2.Koh Lipe, Thailand

Doesn’t matter if your partner love celebrity-like-proposal or a simple one, proposal by the beach remains a classic. Surprise her with a ring at a weekend beach getaway, and your grandchildren are going to remember you as the most passionate granddad! Koh Lipe consists of four beaches: Sunrise, Sunset, Karma and Pattaya. All of them could even rival the Maldives with their crystal blue waters! Karma beach, located at the north side of the island, have lesser travelers, so head to this spot if you want privacy to slip the ring on your partner’s finger!

7 Places in Southeast Asia for You to Pop the Question

Crystal blue water at Koh Lipe Island. Photo Source:

3.Sumba Island, Indonesia

Sumba Island is one of the most underrated tourist spots in Indonesia. However, couples seeking intimate moments should take advantage of this peaceful destination. The plushiest sand and stunning beach are surely captivating, like a cherry on top of your proposal! If you need a hand to make it more special, consider Nihi Sumba’s Proposal Package, which ensures every dream you had for your special day become reality. The romance starts with a horseback riding along the beach during sunset and fine dining under the stars. Then, you may lay your cards on the table with nature as your witness!

7 Places in Southeast Asia for You to Pop the Question

Dine under the sparkling sky at Nihi Sumba. Photo Source:

4.Singapore Flyer

Pop the question while having the 165-metre tall giant Ferris wheel called Singapore Flyer – including Raffles Place, Esplanade, The Hellix Bridge and Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort – as your stunning backdrop! This landmark is located close to Marina Bay and the Gardens by the Bay. Don’t worry, the beautiful landmarks are sure to dazzle at night but they would never overshadow the ring you will put on her. Go a bit extra by booking Singapore Flyer Sky Dining for Two, which includes a four-course meal and in-flight host. This romantic act is bound to be told for generations to come!

7 Places in Southeast Asia for You to Pop the Question

Premium Sky Dining. Photo Source:

5.El Nido, Philippine

Get blessing from Mother Earth by popping the question at the well preserved El Nido Island! The crown jewel of the Philippines is declared as a conservation area and national park to maintain its biodiversity. This island possesses unique flora and fauna that are protected by a law that travellers should abide. This gem is known as the capital of scuba diving since the waters here burst with marine lives. As tempting as they look, travellers are advised not to touch the colourful corals since they are fragile. The powdery sand and turquoise sea make for the ideal scenery when you ask for her hand.

6.Halong Bay, Vietnam

For a totally out of this world wedding proposal, consider firing the question over a candle light dinner in a cave at Halong Bay. Once you are there, you would definitely be blown away by the scenery, which feels like out of a movie scene! Thien Canh Son cave was formed over millions of years ago and some of the walls resemble baby elephant and flowers. Many cruise companies provide the extraordinary dining experience, but we recommend Paloma Cruise. The light from candles reflect onto the cave’s sparkling walls, radiating the entire space!

7 Places in Southeast Asia for You to Pop the Question

The Amazing Cave at Halong Bay. Photo Source: Facebook Paloma Cruises

7.Bagan, Myammar

The countryside of Bagan is filled with Buddhist and Hindu temples, which are bathed in orange hues as the sun rises. The experience of watching sunrise at 2,000 feet in the air is totally different compared to watching it from the ground. Oriental Ballooning offers the stunning view from a flying hot air balloon, which makes for a mesmerising set up to pop the question! Plan your surprise from October to April for a smoother flight. The package includes pick up and drop off at your hotel, breakfast before flight and light snacks after landing. Sunrise is between 6:00 a.m. and 6.45 a.m., so be sure to wake up early. Don’t be too anxious and drop your ring mid-flight! Stay cool, and remember to practice what you want to say to her before taking the flight.

7 Places in Southeast Asia for You to Pop the Question

Enjoy the view of the countryside Bagan in the air. Photo Source:

You don’t need to fly internationally to pop the question on a sky cruise. Simply head to Putrajaya for the MyBalloonFiesta. Read our traveller’s experience on the giant balloon here;

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