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The beginning of October usually means two things: it is either Christmas being only two months away or Halloween! For those who love the spirit of Halloween and mysticism of the paranormal, here are seven places you can go for that horrifically satisfying experience! 

Night of Fright 6 in Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia

Sunway Lagoon

Some of the actors are enchantingly horrific, making the participants crave for a picture or two (source: Facebook)


This one of a kind nightmarish festival began in 2012, and year after year it has grown to become one of the most anticipated events among local enthusiasts. With eight haunted houses, a scary-tale theatre, and other ghoulish attractions, Night of Fright promises a momentous night of terror and excitement. You are encouraged to buy the express-line ticket for MYR112 per person to avoid queuing all night long. The festival lasts for the whole month of October. 

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Kellie’s Castle Night Tour, Ipoh

Kellies Castle Ipoh

Although incomplete, this colloquial castle looks ethereal in person (source: Tourism Perak)

Known as one of the haunted attractions in Malaysia, Kellie’s Castle is a chillingly beautiful remnant of the colonial age. Built by a Scottish businessman William Kellie Smith, his sudden demise brought the construction of the building to a halt, leaving it as it is now, an abandoned relic. It is said that spirits roam the hallways of the castle and there were unreported missing people trapped inside the building. Now, you can roam about the building in the dead of the night at only a small price of MYR10 (MyKad holders).


Catacombs of Paris, France

Catacomb of Paris, France

The Catacombs are known to be a secret hideout for Parisian enthusiast called Cataphiles (source: Facebook)

This well-known attraction is so bone-chillingly creepy, that a horror movie was made out of it. Almost six million human remains are stored in this labyrinth of unending and widely uncharted underground tunnels. Although public explorations are illegal, you can experience this otherworldly maze through a short tour that would only cost you £10. Plus, it is conveniently reachable by metro bus. However, you are advised to come early since the queue can last for hours. 

Tana Toraja, Indonesia

Tana Taroja Sulawesi

The Tarojan respects the deceased family member by talking and bringing meals to the mummified corpse (source: website)

This specific region in Sulawesi celebrates the dead very distinctively. One of the most engrossing rituals is the Ma’nene ceremony where the dead are exhumed, cleaned and dressed in new clothing every year, while funerals could last until months if not years. This is because of the belief that the deceased takes time to cross over and its soul remains at home, thus the corpse is kept and mummified before being buried in the hollows of a hillside. When a member of a Toraja family dies, the family treats the deceased as only ‘ill’ (thus called as Makula) and not yet considered dead until the day of the funeral.

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Haunted Hospital, Japan

Labyrinth of Fear

The participants need to walk 900 metres into the terrifying maze (source:

Awarded as one of the best haunted houses in the world by the Guinness World Record, Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear is the ultimate attraction for extreme thrill seekers. Long corridors with terrifyingly realistic set-ups put you in a vulnerable and defenceless state against zombies and ghouls that infest the building. Screams can be heard from all corners of the hospital, and worse the actors are top-skilled, making you shrink into a puddle of sweat, tears, and anxiety. Situated in FujiQ hill, the theme park operates year-round and opens from 9:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Day of the Dead, Mexico

Mexico Day of the Dead

Skulls are usually the symbol of the celebration, along with flowers and butterflies (source: Visit Mexico)

Dia’ de Los Muertos – although essentially contrasting the Halloween, this holiday of the dead celebrates the spirits of the underworld that make their way back to the mortal world, now becoming one of the most enthralling festivals that attract global interest. Deceased friends and families are celebrated through multiple customs, while the cities are adorned with grand, colourful decorations and skeletal remains. This festivity is celebrated on 31 October, including 1 and 2 November. Go to Zozocolco de Hidalgo, located in Veracruz, for an unforgettable festival of the dead.

Salem Night Tour, United States

Salem, United States

Historically rich, Salem has an impressive line of museums that narrates its past (source:

Historically notorious for its witch trials, Salem is a city located in Massachusetts, likened to a Disneyland of witchcraft and the supernatural. In the 1690, almost 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft while 20 convicted women were hung to death at Gallows Hills after eight hysterical children accused them as witches in court. Now thriving on its gruesome past, Salem is the place where you can take a night tour to personally experience the spookiness. A tour guide would explain the events wittily as you walk past haunted and grotesque venues and attractions.


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