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7 Reasons To Book Rooms On Hotel Websites Instead Of Hotel Booking Platforms

We are so used to hotel booking platforms like Expedia or Airbnb since they are always at the top of Google search results and offer a wide variety of choices. However, don’t you think it is time for change?

We are so used to hotel booking platforms like Expedia or Airbnb since they are always at the top of Google search results and offer a wide variety of choices. However, don’t you think it is time for change?

For better online hotel booking experience, we suggest that you book hotels or accommodations directly on their respective official websites! The following are the seven reasons why you should do so:

1. Hidden Perks and Discounts

Hotels pay high commissions to booking platforms, so the cost of booking on hotel website is much less. That’s why many hotels offer little perks like extra discounts, freebies and room upgrades to encourage travellers to book on their official website.

2. Direct Contact With The Hotel

Hotels with good websites display their phone numbers and email addresses at the website’s header or on the “Contacts” page, therefore you may call or email the hotel directly to ask specific questions (such as what is included in the room cost or how much is charged for romantic room decorations) or arrange some special conditions (an extra bed or a crib). On the contrary, booking platforms discourage direct contact between guests and hoteliers for fear of booking cancellation, considering this could affect their revenue.

3. Up-To-Date Information

If hotels weren’t using special channel management software, it takes them much time to update availability and prices on each booking platform separately, especially if they were listed on a dozen of those! There is a high risk that travellers might book at a higher rate, or a hotel might cancel the booking because there are no vacant rooms left. If you were to book directly on the hotel’s website, you will receive the latest information and booking status.

4. Low Risk of Overbooking

Hotels often offer more spots on website platforms expecting that some bookings will be cancelled. Ultimately, the hotels expect to get the maximum possible occupancy. But imagine if nobody cancelled; someone might arrive only to find there is no room left. Official websites have lower cancellation rates, so hotels do not set extra availability spots, hence lowering the risk of being overbooked!

5. More Rate Plans to Choose From

More rate plans to choose from

Booking platforms have a restricted number of rate plan settings. In contrast, the Booking Engines built into the hotels’ websites allow hotels to improvise. Travellers can find more rate plans on the hotels’ websites, hence giving them the best deal personally.

6. Extra Services to Book Online

Extra service to book online

Booking platforms can only display a limited set of services, most probably airport transfers or breakfast plans. Conversely, hotel websites can give you more options and details. Even when you get a room through booking platforms, it would still be advisable for you to check on what else you can experience on the official hotel website.

7. Unique Loyalty Programs

Booking platforms have cool discount loyalty programs, but if you already had a favourite hotel where you repeatedly stay, then sign up for the hotel’s own loyalty programme! There might be actual plastic loyalty cards given out to you or you might be registered for the programme digitally. Do check on what the hotel’s loyalty programme has to offer besides discounts, for example free nights, spa, or redeemable points.

If you were a hotelier who missed out on reaching out to the experienced pro travellers, it is best that you launch or improve your sales by first integrating a booking engine, for instance the TravelLine Booking Engine, into your official website. Then, let the channel management software synchronise with sales across the booking platforms. Make sure both the booking engine software and the channel management software are integrated with each other. 

If you were a hotel owner or manager, it is important to check whether your hotel website is well-marketed and user-friendly. Email us at  to get a free website audit within two to three business days. We at TravelLine, a hotel software company, have been studying hotel sales hacks and guest behaviours for 14 years.

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