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Renaissance Lucknow Hotel is a three-year old, five-star lifestyle deluxe hotel, strategically located in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh in India.

Authentic and does not feel touristy, Lucknow is also known as the city of Nawabs (titular native governors who led lavish lifestyle during the time when the Moguls ruled India beginning late 16th century up until early 18th century; then endured until the British seized control of Lucknow in the middle of 19th century).

So, why should you stay at Renaissance Lucknow Hotel, you might ask? Read on to find out…


  1. Bright, sharp, posh, efficient and homely, Renaissance Lucknow Hotel offers excellent Indian hospitality that revolves around the central idea that the guest is God, hence should be treated accordingly.
Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room

  1. The hotel’s interiors are bright, courtesy of the large floor-to-ceiling glass panels that permit generous amounts of natural light. It seems like one of the hotel’s defining design principles is to let in as much daylight as possible to its public spaces and guestrooms to enliven its interiors and uplift guests’ mood.
Renaissance Lucknow Hotel's Lobby

Renaissance Lucknow Hotel’s lobby.

  1. Renaissance Lucknow Hotel dishes out sumptuous food and beverage options via the smart-looking all-day dining restaurant called L14, and the elegant dinner-only restaurant named Sepia, which features Awadhi cuisine (Mughal cooking techniques with Northern Indian cooking pattern), known to have existed since the times of the Sultanate of Delhi (early 13th until 16th century) prior to Mughal rule. Sepia’s flattering dishes such as Nalli Nihari (flavourful lamb-based dish slowly cooked overnight in lamb stock) and Murg Korma (chicken cooked in rich Mughlai gravy) lets guests dine opulently like the Nawabs.
  1. Guests should head to the fabulously cosy Sky Bar on 16th floor for pre- or post-prandial drinks. This bar is fast becoming the city’s watering hole for people to unwind indoors or al fresco from evening until night, especially when the weather is cooler and drier from October until March. Be sure to try out Sky Bar’s refreshing cocktails and mocktails served up by experienced bartenders while taking in the memorable bird’s-eye view of Lucknow. Sky Bar can hold up to 200 persons, ideal for intimate gatherings and parties.
  1. Renaissance Lucknow Hotel has the one and only infinity pool in the city, which opens from 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., located on the same level as Sky Bar, affording guests with panoramic view of Lucknow while swimming.
Infinity pool at Renaissance Lucknow Hotel

Infinity pool at Renaissance Lucknow Hotel.

  1. With a 22,000-foot squared Ren Garden, the hotel can convert the space into a spectacular venue for weddings or large-scale events for up to 1,500 people.
Ren Garden being set up for reception

Ren Garden being set up for reception.


  1. Guests can appreciate Lucknow at a deeper level by utilising the hotel’s dedicated lifestyle concierges called Navigators who are experts in unearthing the city’s gems. It is recommended that guests ask the Navigators to take them to the following unique places:
  • Hazratganj – this shopping area is filled with the city’s hidden gems like the almost 160-year old perfume shop called Sugandhco; Royal Cafe that sells scrumptious popular snack called basket chaat; Ada Designer Chikan studio that showcases exquisite handmade embroidered fabrics called chikankari; and popular street food like the souffle-like malai makan and the satisfyingly sweet kulfi and ras gula because the city is a street food haven.
  • Bara Imambara – this complex comprises ornate arches, ramparts, mosque and hall with excellent acoustics built to commemorate the fallen grandson of Prophet Muhammad, Hussein. It was completed in 1797 A.D. under the patronage of Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula, the Governor who moved the capital of Awadh region from Faizabad to Lucknow in 1775. Architecture and heritage enthusiasts will be awed by the complex’s grandeur, ingenuity and timelessness, including the imposing gateway that can be seen in the distance called Rumi Darwaza. To enter this site, guests need to wear modestly with full length clothes (no sleeveless tops, shorts or revealing attires are allowed).
  • La Martiniere College ( – this institution was founded by General Claude Martin, a Lyon-born French adventurer who amassed great wealth while serving under Nawab Shuja-ud-Daulah and his son Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula. Travellers can pay homage to this much revered figure by visiting his grave at the basement of a neo-classical palace called Constantia, which is part of La Martiniere College. General Martin is hailed until today as one of the influential figures who helped turn Lucknow into an important city, especially after Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula moved the capital of Awadh to Lucknow from Faizabad.
  • Cappucino Blast ( – this ornate, boldly decorated and whimsical café is the oldest in town and has been attracting the well and good since its inception 19 years ago, serving satiating western-inspired dishes like tacos and pizzas, definitely recommended for lunch and dinner.


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