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In this issue, we invite readers to consider visiting the various art galleries and cultural centres that are available in Malaysia, besides the usual destinations and other forms of attractions. We also recommend that our readers check out unique Malaysian-made products and handicrafts due to their novelty, ingenuity and identity, making them ideal as gifts and souvenirs.

But why such focus, readers might asked? In our view, travellers can learn a great deal about the background, culture and psyche of the society that resides in that particular destination or locale by observing the kinds or artworks and aesthetic items that the society produces. From tourism’s standpoint, art galleries and cultural centres offer immersive experience for travellers to learn about the host society in greater depth.

One such example is the Bank Negara (Central Bank of Malaysia) Museum and Art Gallery, which is housed within an impressive building called Sasana Kijang and provides enriching experience to travellers due to its highly educational content that touches on everything about money such as its history and evolution, its current production and role in enhancing Malaysia’s economy. Children can also learn about the significance of money and the importance of saving at Bank Negara Museum’s Children’s Gallery. On the other hand, art and culture enthusiasts can directly proceed to Bank Negara’s Art Gallery, which showcases changing exhibitions involving innovative and substantive artworks belonging to Bank Negara itself. If much about Malaysia can be learned just by visiting one gallery, just imagine the wealth of knowledge that travellers will be able to accumulate if they were to also check out the other inspiring spaces like the National Visual Arts Gallery and Galeri PETRONAS, both in Kuala Lumpur…

On another note, we are also inviting our readers to check out Penang through our Kembara Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia programme, Kelantan, Ipoh, Bohol and Hong Kong & Chengdu including the continuation of the story on Kunming. We hope these pages inspire readers to continue travelling throughout 2015.

See you in the next issue… Happy travels!

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Cover Illustration by Ang Yeu Jiunn.

Dato’ Badlishah Haji Ahmad, CEO PICC
Puan Noorul Ashikin Mohd. Din, GM, Tourism Selangor

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