By Jeremy Khalil on May 27, 2015


Expedia technology

KUALA LUMPUR, 26th May 2015 – Expedia further elevates its presence as the world’s leading online travel agent in Malaysia by presenting its revolutionary technology features that make travel planning a breeze. The Expedia brand prides itself on spearheading technology in the travel industry that has transformed the way many travellers choose and plan holidays globally.

Keeping up with the technology adoption landscape year-on-year, Expedia has moved away from single pull devices to cross-device options, enabling travelers to easily browse, research and finalise travel plans through continuous sessions in a multi-device world. This means, browsing and surfing on Tablet, booking via Smartphone and completing the transaction on desktop or laptop.


General Manager of Expedia Asia, Mr. Vikram Malhi said, “Gone are the days when you have to rely on the local travel agency for your vacation. Mobile and social media have changed the travel landscape in the way people dream, research, plan, book and ultimately, embark on their trip. People today use their mobile phone and tablets extensively to search and make travel bookings. And they will continue to do so. Expedia realised this trend earlier on and made a significant investment in addressing the mobile travel and enhance the company’s ability in seamless mobile travel shopping and booking across multiple platforms.”

This strategic move toward a travel data platform starts with the shift towards a mobile or tablet that offers flexibility and visual interest in the travel planning process. Through Expedia’s evolutionary effort in simplifying travel planning, Malaysian travellers can now enjoy easy online travel booking, where travel products and services are available at their fingertips across PCs, mobile phones, and tablets wherever they are. Through this, there is only one version to Expedia, instead of three versions across three devices.

Vikram added, “Mobile devices also play an important role in the coordination of travel. According to the Expedia Mobile Index Study 2014, the average consumer uses at least 2.4 Internet-enabled mobile devices in Malaysia, meaning they are using more than one device, or using devices simultaneously. The proportion of flights booked online through is much higher, accounting for 35% of Malaysian travellers. The Google’s Consumers’ Barometer study in 2014 also showed the importance of the Internet to the travel industry, with flights being the most popular items for Malaysians to buy online – 86% of Malaysian users surveyed say they last bought their flight tickets online and 75% had last booked their hotel stays online. Expedia is continually integrating technology, morphing itself into a travel data platform with its cross-device Apps and user-friendly planning tools. What this means is, consumers can now vacation stress-free with the technology that Expedia has put into powering their travel plans from start to finish. ”

One Stop Travel Shop – There is no need for lengthy visits to a travel agency or phone calls. Expedia has made it all the more effortless for users to research and book flights, hotels, free & easy packages, car rentals, holiday activities and insurance, and a myriad of other travel products and services for every device, anytime, anywhere.



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