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Oku Japan, the tour company specialising in rural Japan and walking adventures, is expanding its portfolio with the exciting launch of its new unique culinary adventure “Japan’s Culinary Heritage”. With this new adventure, Oku Japan wants to show travellers the importance of Japanese food culture and how culinary traditions reflect the Japanese way of life. In Japan, food is the best way to engage with local lifestyles and to gain the in-depth experience of regional culture, the daily life of Japanese communities, and individual inhabitants.

Going way beyond what is currently on the market, this 11-day guided exploration features key locations such as the ancient Imperial capital of Kyoto, the modern metropolis of Tokyo, including hidden rural villages and the unique culture of Awaji Island in the fabled Inland Sea. From foraging for wild ingredients and harvesting the bounty of the land, to cooking lessons with emblematic figures and ordinary members of local communities, this culinary adventure reveals how food is the most intimate way to uncover Japan’s history and culture.

Benefiting from the knowledge of one of the Oku Japan’s outstanding professional guides, guests will travel from mountain villages to fishing ports, staying in rural Japanese inns and in the heart of dazzling cities. They will taste the sake, experience the food and the culture, awaken their senses and share unforgettable moments with people they’ll meet on their journey. Oku Japan’s guests will enjoy unique and exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences with iconic figures:


  • a friendly family of local organic farmers who are part of a ‘return to the land’ movement in Japan – for an outdoor kitchen experience
  • a food-designer who creates exquisite “foodscapes” which delight the eye and the palate – for a beach lunch experience
  • a Sansai (wild mountain vegetable) specialist, a Sake brewer, and their community – for a community-hosted meal
  • a Kaiseki chef in Kyoto with 30 years of experience.

During this culinary adventure, Oku Japan provides full-time services of an English-speaking tour guide, 10 nights in hotels and Japanese-style inns (Ryokan and Minshuku), daily breakfast, 6 dinners, 4 lunches, all transportation between tour locations, forwarding of one item of luggage. The price is USD4365 per person.

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