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Sheraton is one of the biggest hotel chains in the world that its brand is recognized by so many corporate companies and individuals with fine taste and luxurious appetite. To cater its upper middle group of clienteles, Sheraton has established its four star brand by introducing Four Points into hospitality industry and on global map, Langkawi island is where one of more than 150 Four Points properties are located and this resort is the very first Four Points Resort by Sheraton to be ever opened in Asia Pacific.

Four Points by Sheraton Langkawi is one of the closest resorts to the airport which the distance is only 1.5 kilometres away from the Langkawi International Airport. The strategic location near the airport is one of the main factors for it to be chosen as a preferred accommodation among tourists to Langkawi alongside many other reasons lie in the compound of the resort itself.


To start with, the beachfront that stretches one kilometre long offers an endless splendid view of the coastline of Andaman sea which will take anyone’s breath away with its white sandy beach. Some of 99 islands scattered far in the open sea gives a majestic view from the comfort of either the beach chair or your picnic spread on the sandy beach. Apart from enjoying the panoramic view, guests are most welcome to enjoy the beach activities for instance beach soccer, beach volleyball, building sandcastle, sun-bathing, picnicking or even sitting by this calm beach for a tranquilizing reading session.

As soon as the guests arrive at this property, it whispers humbleness with its spacious lobby and very simple furniture arrangement that creates a warm and peaceful ambiance after a wearying journey to this island. After checking-in, the guests will be escorted to their room in the two blocks on the left and the right side of the main entrance. These two blocks host 214 rooms that vary from its most luxurious suites, Four Points Suite, to standard room, Comfort Room which the interior is done tastefully to ensure the guests are housed at their utmost comfort.

The rooms are all equipped with 32” LCD television, tea and coffee facilities, safe deposit box, cable and wireless broadband connection, bath robes, room slippers, stationaries and hair dryer which all come in handy for guests use. Other than that, all rooms at Four Points Resort Langkawi come with private balcony for the guests to unwind to the sea breeze from the privacy of their own room.

The suites, namely Junior, Premier and Four Points, are all decorated accordingly to its level for the guests who are looking for extra something in their accommodation. In fact,the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamed has once enjoyed his stay in one of the Premier Suites here with his wife, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali, during one of their visits in Langkawi. The guests are free to choose double twin rooms with super-single-sized bed or rooms with king-sized bed which either one will provide just as much will give the guests soundly sleep, day or night.

The two Four Points Suites offered here are both located on the second floor, front most to the sea. These two rooms are decorated overtly exclusive with luxurious settee set, home theatre set, dining table, bedding and personal Jacuzzi in the bath with the view of the pristine beach. The three balconies at the suites offer a wonderful view of the sunset from different angles that will surely put all the hush to sleep.

The comfort and cosiness of the rooms might be one of the strongest reasons why the tourists that come to Langkawi should stay at Four Points by Sheraton, however, the guests should complement their stay here with the food and beverages offered at the outlets. The Eatery is the casual dining outlet that the guests can always come be it for breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner to savour the local and international cuisines offerings here.

The buffet line at breakfast is the best preview of what you can have all day in its a la carte menu and among the must-tries include chicken and rice, foochow noodle, Sarawak laksa and boxing chicken. However, if the guests are only after light snacks to go along with their light music or favourite television show, head to Wrapped and the Lounge where cocktails and snacks are served together for light refreshment or simply an easy breezy evening with friends or business associates.

Four Points by Sheraton located by the beach which encapsulate and ideal resort for all sorts of guests including the guests who look for place to organize functions or meetings. The ballroom here facing the infinity swimming pool and the open sea is just a perfect setting for function such annual dinners, wedding receptions or even big group meetings in which the capacity of the ballroom can accommodate from a small group of 75 up to 400 persons at a time, depending on the seating arrangement. The pre-event space is able to welcome 100 guests at a time. For special meeting rooms, this property offers one meeting room measured 96 metre² to accommodate from 45 to 90 persons at a time.

The long stretch dreamy beach maybe one of the main attractions that capture the eyes of the guests here. However, look not too further away because Four Points Resort Langkawi owns the biggest infinity pool in Langkawi that spreads 56 metres long, bordering between the pristine private beach and the resort’s compound. The ginormous swimming pool is one of the attractions that the gusts just cannot resist from enjoying a little bit of it for the soothing view when the infinity pool merges with the horizon of the Andaman Sea.

The crystal blue water of the pool is visible from the guests’ rooms, the lobby, The Eatery and the guests can almost feel it once they lie down on the rows of beach chairs placed along the pool. Guests will be able to feast their eyes with the view of the pool almost from all corners of the resort as soon as they step into the lobby. The pool is almost the centre of all fun where the guests, at their desire, can read and sun bathe by the pool, swim in the pool or simply watch their kids splashing the water under the sunny sunlight.

Just by the pool, a gymnasium is stationed facing the sea for those who are looking forward to work those muscles and pump up the adrenaline by running on the treadmill or cycling or rowing to the view of the endless open sea. If time is an issue to pay a visit to the gym, worry not because the gym is opened at all hours and all the guests need to do is just to put on those gym gears and dial ‘0’, and the machines will be ready to battle against the guests strengths.

The strategic positioning of Four Points by Sheraton does not govern only the close proximity to the airport and the Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre, just a 10-minute drive away, Chenang Beach is waiting with all the vibes of night life as well as shopping spree. The Zone Duty-Free Mall is one of the few duty-free malls along the beach that offer lucrative bargains for all kinds of merchandise that the tourists look for.

Apart from the duty-free malls, there are clusters of independent local shops that sell splash of beach wears and other interesting stuffs that promise something for everyone. For night entertainment, there are bars and pubs that open their doors to all sorts of music genre but the genre that most of the pubs adhere to is reggae. The pub is currently sought after the most is Babylon Reggae Bar which plays all reggae numbers especially form the reggae legend, Bob Marley, and other reggae musicians. One of the main factors for this club to become the hype of the Chenang Beach is because of the open bar concept it offers.

The visitors can be at their most comfortable seating by sitting on the sand listening to the music while sipping their favourite cocktails and cruise the night with the breezy air of the beach. A euphoric satisfaction that everyone look for in their vacation. For gastronomists, Chenang Beach is one of the biggest marketplaces for you to savour delectable local cuisines that are cooked by home-grown ‘chefs’ that undoubtedly will bring silence to the growling of the gluts.

Four Points by Sheraton, unlike its name, has more than just four interesting points to offer. It is a combination of fun, comfort and convenience that promises a totally rejuvenating and relaxing vacation for all tourists in which all the hassles are taken away by the hotel’s impeccable service and long list of side enjoyments that will keep the guests at their brightest mood, as bright as the sun shining across Langkawi Islands.


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