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This issue was originally intended to focus on destinations within the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) region. However, as time went by, we realised that to only focus on that region would be too limiting in terms of content and opportunity.

As such, besides talking about the tourism gems around Kuantan in Pahang (page 54), wonderful Indonesia (page 60), magnetic Palawan (page 74), laidback Krabi (page 78), charming Luang Prabang (page 82) and pulsating Jakarta (page 89), we also present fun-filled Chiba (pages 68 and 110), sunny Okayama (page 94), mesmerising Hokuriku explored using the Japan Railway shinkansen (page 104), and a lady traveller-friendly London, whereby our writer Sahida Sakeri flew there on Malaysia Airlines’ iconic Airbus A380 (page 114).

For those seeking ideas on where to stay, Sofitel Luang Prabang (page 126) and Golden Sands Resort Penang by Shangri-La (page 124) are not just accommodations but are also destinations in their own right. Not only these properties are interestingly designed, they are supported by top notch service and world class facilities that enrich guests’ experience.

Hope this issue’s contents will entice readers on where to go in the near future, despite all the talk about the global economic slowdown. Though many are cutting down on expenses or investments, we still believe that travelling, for whatever reason, is still relevant in the way that it is educational and stops for us from being stagnant – during each trip, no matter how near or far, you are bound to experience something new, pleasant or otherwise. And that experience is what make you wiser, more open-minded and hopefully a better person.

See you in the next issue. Safe travels to wherever you are heading!

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Cover Illustration by Emila Yusof

Issue 12.2

Front Cover Issue 12.2 – Travel No Matter Near or Far

Page 14. Editorial Jottings
Page 16. Bulletin

Page 109. Dusit Thani Bangkok

Page 23. How to Shop like a Pro at Ho Chin Minh’s Markets

Page 30. Family-Friendly Dining at Owlery

Page 34. Savouring Jumbo Flavours of Thailand at myELEPHANT

Page 38. Shopping Guide in ASEAN

Page 42. UNESCO Heritage Towns/Cities in ASEAN Region

Page 46. Dato’ Zaharah Salamat, Chief Executive Officer, Marina Putrajaya Sdn. Bhd.
Page 49. Mr. P.M. Withana, Chairman of Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau & Chairman of Sri Lankan Tourism Development Authority

Page 54. Kuantan & Pekan, Pahang
Page 60. A Wonderfully Memorable Trip to Wonderful Indonesia
Page 68. Chiba Calls!
Page 74. Experience Puerto Princesa with AirAsia
Page 78. I Feel Krabi
Page 82. Lullabied by Luang Prabang
Page 88. Joyful Jakarta Jaunt
Page 94. Congenial Okayama
Page 104. Discovering the Hokuriku Region using Shinkansen
Page 110. Checking Up on Chiba – Part II of II
Page 114. 10 Ways to Enjoy London and Beyond with Girlfriends

Page 124. Golden Sands Resort by Shangri-La: An Ideal Family Destination
Page 126. Magnique Stay at Sofitel Luang Prabang
Page 128. Resorts World Langkawi: Enhanced Value-For-Money Luxurious Escape

Page 132. Hannah On Earth


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