Journey in the Sky: A Review of MYAirline

There’s a new low-cost airline in town, and is already winning hearts of many travellers.

MYAirline is currently expanding its network within Malaysia, and by Q2 2023 to the ASEAN region.

There’s a new low-cost airline in town, and is already winning hearts of many travellers.

During my recent trip to Sibu, Sarawak, I had the opportunity of flying the new low-cost carrier, MYAirline. I was excited about this flight as it was my first time flying with the airline. Besides, if you happen to always be on the lookout for flight deals, you’ll notice that MYAirline’s promotional fares are simply hard to resist — MYR59 for a one-way ticket to Sibu? Incredible!

Naturally, such low fares give travellers more options when planning for their getaways. But how would these prices translate into the overall experience? Would comfort be compromised? Read on to find out my review.

The check-in counter for my flight was at Row Z, klia2 (soon to be renamed as KLIA Terminal 2). This is where all MYAirline flights depart. The process was straightforward and seamless. I even had a quick chat with the friendly on-ground staff and was relieved to find out that my flight that day was on schedule. There is also a customer service centre at the far end of the departure hall should passengers require further assistance with their tickets.


Ergonomic and Eco-friendly Seats for Better Legroom

MYAirline partners up with Geven, bringing the first eco-friendly and ergonomic aircraft seats in Asia Pacific.
MYAirline partners up with Geven, bringing the first eco-friendly and ergonomic aircraft seats in the Asia Pacific.

MYAirline operates on Airbus A320-200 with a single-class cabin of 180 seats in a 3-3 configuration. This is common for aircraft of its kind, primarily used on domestic routes.

What catch my attention, however, are the eco-friendly seats designed by the world’s leading aircraft interior provider, Geven. They are lighter and could save around 800kg of weight, resulting in less fuel consumption and emissions. It doesn’t hurt that they look easy on the eyes too. That being said, these slimmer seats also mean thinner cushion. They’re not uncomfortable for me personally, but understandably may bother some passengers.

On top of these, MYAirline boasts roomier legroom compared to other low-cost airlines, measured at 17.3” for the emergency exit row and 12.3” for standard seats. My seat was at the former, which was incredibly spacious for my 5’3 height. I could see that taller passengers would be pleased with these seats. Just out of curiosity, I did try the standard seat briefly when the cabin was empty after the passengers had disembarked at the destination, and still found it equally comfortable with just enough space for my legs to move around.

Check-in baggage allowance fares for MYAirline
Check-in baggage allowance fares for MYAirline.

All seats in MYAirline come in a pre-reclined position which cannot be changed or adjusted. While this may be limiting to some, the design actually provides an increased backrest angle and more personal space. After all, let’s face it, it can get slightly uncomfortable when the passenger in front of you reclines the seat, isn’t it? These re-reclined seats also mean passengers do not need to put their seats upright during takeoffs and landings.

Get Refueled with Light Asian Meals

The menu for in-flight meals onboard MYAirline.
The menu for in-flight meals onboard MYAirline.

About 20 minutes after we took off, the cabin crew began the food service. The menu at the moment is limited but by not mean boring. It features Asian favourites that are not only satisfying but also come in decent portion. I tried a couple of items from the menu, and roti jala was my favourite!


Genuine Friendly Service

Speaking about service, I only have good things to say about the two cabin crew on my flight; they were both very attentive and friendly people who genuinely seemed to enjoy their job.

All in all, my first journey with MYAirline was a pleasure from start to finish. Combine the incredibly low fares and excellent service, I can see more and more travellers won’t hesitate to choose this airline for their travels. Well, I know I’ll be one of them.

MYAirline currently flies to several economic and tourism hotspots in Malaysia such as Kota Kinabalu, Kuching, Langkawi, and Kota Bharu. Be sure to check its website as the airline often runs special fare promotions from time to time.

For more information on MYAirline, visit their website or follow them on LinkedInFacebookInstagramTikTokTwitter, and YouTube.

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