By Mohd Shahril Fawzy on May 16, 2016


Text by: Furqaan Hod & Mohd Shahril Fawzy

Every year on May 4, Star Wars fanatics from all around the world celebrate the franchise by wishing each other a galaxy-themed famous greeting, “May the fourth be with you”, which sparks an unofficial special day known as Star Wars Day, and now become an annual and joyous occasion that many organisations – including LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort in Asia’s first LEGOLAND® – celebrate their love for the saga.

LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort in Johor Bahru celebrates LEGO® Star Wars Days every year, which offers exciting installations and activities for the fans and visitors to immerse in the galactic atmosphere. In 2016, the LEGO® Group and LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort focus on the parent-child theme to attract more family visitors to come to LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort and be part of this highly anticipated event.


Gaya Travel team had the privilege of joining in the excitement of LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort’s biggest event of the year. For its third year celebration, we witnessed the largest replica in the Star Wars galaxy called LEGO® Millennium Falcon, an iconic spacecraft in the Star WarsTM universe commanded by Han Solo, a popular fictional character in the Star Wars franchise. We were so inspired by the experiences shared by the LEGO® Millennium Falcon builders in completing this amazing replica.

In line with the parent-child theme, The LEGO® Group and LEGOLAND® Malaysia Resort presented the world’s only father-son Master Builder duo from the group, Chris Steininger and Dan Steininger to spice up the month and build the LEGO® replica, which uses approximately 200,000 LEGO® bricks and built within three days with the continuous help from the resort’s guests. Completing this massive replica in a short time was beyond imagination. LEGOLAND® also offers visitors the chance to experience building mini Millennium Falcons and take them home. Visitors can expect to see the replica, including Two Tie fighters, at Pizza Mania until the end of May.

Another activity held during the LEGO® Star Wars Days was the Imperial March Day when more than 90 costumes from 501st Legion are paraded. Various characters, including those from the The Force Awakens movie such as the evil Kylo Ren with his cool LEGO® light saber, the lovely Rey character and special stormtroopers (Sandtroopers, Snowtroopers, Imperial Scout troopers and First Order Riot Control stormtroopers). The Emperor and Darth Vader characters are definite highlights during the March, which were also participated by visitors of LEGOLAND® in full costume, including children and babies.

Besides the Star Wars replicas and Imperial March, LEGO® also organised My Own Creation Star WarsTM competition, drawing participation from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia. The winners of the competition were announced according to each country under children, adults and parent-and-child categories. A panel of esteemed guests from the production team who worked on the Star WarsTM series judged the competition.


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