Take the step away from the hustle and bustle of the city and bring yourself to the rural area where Mother Earth is close to her children. Breathe in the fresh air, reward yourself with the peace and warmth offered by Mother Earth, which is not just about the sound of the waterfall or birds singing, but also crop cultivation and tree-planting, making you more connected to Mother Earth. For an enriching and educational holiday, why not opt for Perak agro-tourism packages? Here are some places that you should visit for a refreshingly natural escapade!


Saloma Vineyard & Nursery

Who says Malaysia can’t grow grapes? Saloma Vineyard & Nursery proves that this crop can be cultivated and harvested even in Malaysia’s tropical climate. Take part in the amazing experience at Saloma Vineyard & Nursery by plucking grapes with you own hands and learn the technique on how to grow grapes by learning from the vineyard owner. Travellers can also buy grape saplings here for RM20 to grow the plant at here.

A: Lot 2658, Belakang Restoran, Batu 6 Lekir

32020 Setiawan, Perak

W: www.salomavineyard.com

T: +6 017 568 8642


Sahabat Hutan Bakau Lekir (Friends of Lekir Mangrove Forest)

Do you know that Malaysia is the world’s second largest mangrove region after Indonesia?  Mangrove ecosystems are crucial in sustaining Malaysia’s coastal fishery industry. The catch harvested from the mangrove ecosystem includes various species of shrimps caught in the mangrove waterways or in adjacent coastal waters. Besides, mangrove forests also function as seaward barriers against coastal erosion and help stabilise the coastline. However, some of these values are intangible and very little is appreciated by many, especially urban dwellers. At Sahabat Hutan Bakau Lekir, travellers can learn about the significance of mangrove towards the socio-economy and eco-system.

A: No. 72, Parit Jiman, Kampung Sungai Tiram, Lekir

32020 Setiawan, Perak

W: www.friendsofmangrove.org.my

T: +6 019 574 6403


Lekir Agriculture Station

If Perlis is popular for its mango called Harum Manis, Perak takes pride in its own mango called Chokonan that is cultivated in Setiawan. Lekir Agriculture Station has 80 acres of Chononan Mango trees, each needs to grow for at least two years and a half before starting to produce mangoes. Besides Chokonan mangoes, Lekir Agriculture Station also plants station for rock melons, coconuts and vegetables, among others. This station is suitable for those who want to experience plucking fruits and vegetables directly from the tree with their bare hands.


A: Pejabat Pertanian Lekir

32020 Setiawan, Perak

T: +6 05 691 9189


My Kampung My Future (MKMF)

MKMF is a government initiative to help the community of Kampung Gajah, Pulau Tiga to expose their creativity in creating handicrafts or food and sell them directly to travellers such as labu sayong (gourd-shaped clay pitcher), dodol Bonda (a sticky sweet and thick confection made from cocnut milk, sugar and rice flour), batik and many more. This project is also to encourage youths to remain in their villages and contribute towards their development. MKMF participants receive funding, land, training and access to a unique mentor-mentee arrangement that equips them to pursue high-income opportunities in agro-business. This approach ensures that Malaysia’s agro-economy remains truly vibrant while reducing the pressure on the country’s urban centres.



Gaharu Tea Valley

As travellers enter this valley, they will be amazed by its formidable-looking fortress that seems to mimic the Great Wall of China. Located 4 kilometres from Gopeng town, Gaharu Tea Valley is spans 300 acres with 200,000 gaharu (agarwood) tree at the foot hills of the Titiwangsa Range. Travellers can make a quick stop at Hugging Hills where the management provides a garden with few tall gaharu trees for visitors to hug them – it is believed that the trees need to be hugged in order to grow healthily. Before leaving, travellers can buy gaharu-based products, among them gaharu ice-cream and gaharu noodles. No fees are charged to enter the valley; however, the fee of RM10 per adult or RM5 per child is imposed if travellers plan to tour around the valley.

A: Lot 9840, Mukim Teja

31600 Gopeng, Perak

T: +6 05 351 1999


Eco Stays


Sahom Valley Agro & Eco Resort

Have you ever experienced living in a bamboo house? If the answer is no, do not miss out the chance to overnight at Sahom Valley as the houses are built using bamboo and located in a palm oil plantation. Interestingly, there are no mosquitoes here. In the daytime, travellers can cycle around Sahom Valley, frolic around Honey Bamboo field, swim in the river across your bamboo accommodation or take a ride on an all-terrain vehicle. After a meaningful day, enjoy the evening by watching the cultural performance by Perak’s aboriginal community and join in the singing and dancing while having a hearty dinner. This resorts is ideal for those who seek peace and relaxation. Sahom Valley offer two different packages – Eco Challenge and Agro Camp – so as to suit travellers’ preferences.

A: Lot 228800 Kampung Sahom

31900 Kampar, Perak

T: +6 012 488 5011

W: www.sahomvalley.wix.com


Desa Warisan iGROW

Been missing the ‘balik kampung’ feeling? Then head to Kompleks Desa Warisan iGROW, an integrated project that combines agriculture with hospitality and entrepreneurship. Stepping into this 30-acre land brings back the nostalgia of Malaysia 40 to 50 years ago, with contemporary wooden houses that echoes the vernacular of traditional Malay houses, lush vegetation tropical vegetation, and fresh air. Travellers may wake up to sounds of rooster in the morning, take in the fresh air and reinvigorate their eyes with the view of the adjacent green vegetable farm. For a wholesome agro-tourism experience, travellers are recommended to visit Desa Warisan iGrow to truly be escape from hustle and bustle and engage with nature.


A: Lot 7816 (A) Jalan Bota

Padang Gertak Pulau Tiga,

36800 Kg. Gajah, Perak

T: +6 05 631 8989

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