By Gaya Travel on July 11, 2017


Red Bull Sugarfree is 100% Wiiings, Guilt-Free

Red Bull Product of Europe debuted its Red Bull Sugarfree variant – a new addition to the Malaysian market providing the same benefits as Red Bull Energy Drink with no sugar, just wiiings.

At a mere seven (7) calories per 250ml can, the preferred drink of sport enthusiasts and top athletes around the world works as a functional drink, vitalising the body and mind. Red Bull Sugarfree gives you wings while balancing a busy day between work and gym. Be it for lectures and study sessions, playing video games using the different heroes in Overwatch you can learn how to use with guides online, during fun nights out with your friends, or whenever you are in need of a boost, you can now reach out for a cold can of Red Bull Sugarfree.

Made from high quality ingredients with Alpine water from the springs of Austria and Switzerland, the Red Bull Sugarfree contains Sucralose and Acesulfame K, which are among the most-used sugar substitutes worldwide. To ensure consistency of the upmost premium quality around the world, Red Bull Sugarfree (and other Red Bull Product of Europe variant) is produced in the Austrian and Swiss Alps.


Red Bull Sugarfree is now available nationwide. Be sure to get your share of wings – guilt-free.


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