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Salam Taiwan Ambassador, Mira Filzah takes audience on a trip exploring beautiful locales that highlight different facets of the island.

Kuala Lumpur, 24 February 2020Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Malaysia has launched season 2 of its Salam Taiwan programme as it targets to welcome more Muslim tourists from Malaysia and Brunei to explore Taiwan in-depth in 2020.

Salam Taiwan Ambassador, Mira Filzah, travelled to Taiwan to explore the hidden gems of the stunning island and documented her experience through Salam Taiwan’s new TVC. She is bringing audience a different side of Taiwan that is worthy to be included in any trip itinerary.


One of the many places that Mira visited was the Alishan Forest Railway in Chiayi County where she enjoyed a scenic train ride with an amazing view of bamboo forests and calming breeze of nature. Built in 1899, the railway passes through different climates and terrain, making it a perfect way to enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of Taiwan. Besides the railway attraction, there are many other activities the tourists can do in Alishan such as mountain climbing, sunrise viewing, sipping the high-grade Taiwanese tea, or simply just have a peaceful encounter with nature to re-calibrate. For tourists coming in from Taipei, the travel from Taipei Main Station via High Speed Rail (HSR) to Chiayi will take about 1 hour and 40 minutes. Then hop onto a shuttle to get to Chiayi Bus Station for the 2.5-hour bus ride up to Alishan. It is definitely a worthwhile gem to visit especially for busy folks who seek to get away from the hustle and bustle of a city.

Another attraction highlighted was the Yongle Fabric Market, which is the largest market of its kind in Taiwan. The fabric heaven in Datong District, Taipei dazzles with its beautiful and colourful array of offerings, including accessories, laces and embroidery items. Yongle Fabric Market is different from the usual touristy places and those who are into making own apparel, this is a must-visit market. It is the perfect place to shop for items to bring home as souvenirs or even, to look for unique fabric for your wedding entourage (rombongan pengantin).

Rainbow Village in Taichung has an inspiring story behind the colourful murals on houses and streets. It all started when Mr. Hwang or affectionately known as Grandpa began painting his house with images of comic characters and animals as a protest to save this village from being abolished. Soon after, the neighbours asked him to paint their houses as well. Today, Rainbow Village is a tourist destination that is easily accessible via public transportation from Taipei. Grandpa’s artwork can be bought as souvenirs for own self or loved ones.

When it comes to food especially yummy desserts, Taiwan is the place. This is place of origin of well-loved desserts such as bubble tea, lemon jelly drink (ai-yu-ping) and mango shaved ice. There are more scrumptious foods to explore in Taiwan than just these three famous ice desserts. One of it is the traditional Taiwanese crepe peanut dessert, served with delicious ice cream. The combination is perfect to enjoy in any weather!

For visitors who are craving for the familiarity of bread, the Horns Bread is a must-try. As the name implies, its shape is like a horn – it looks similar to a croissant but has the texture of soft, fluffy bread. Eat it plain or filled with a variety of savoury or sweet fillings, these horn-shaped buns will satisfy even the pickiest of taste buds.


Taiwan Tourism Bureau Kuala Lumpur Office Director, Mr. Abe Chou said, Taiwan has many hidden places that are sometimes not featured in the busy tourist maps. Many of these natural wonders and markets make great destinations for travelers, from families to group of friends or even couples. For this reason, we extend the Salam Taiwan programme for another year to showcase Taiwan in-depth and bring different perspectives to both Malaysians and Bruneians a for a more enjoyable holiday experience.

In 2019, Taiwan welcomed more than 460,000 visitors from Malaysia of which about 15% of them were Muslim tourists. In 2020, Taiwan aims to increase this arrival by 17%.

Salam Taiwan season 2 TVC can be viewed at Taiwan Tourism Bureau official Facebook, YouTube and website. For more information on Salam Taiwan, please visit Taiwan Tourism Bureau official website or Facebook or call 03-2070 6789 from 9:00am  5:30pm.


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