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The beauty and grandeur of Western Australia mean that Australia’s largest state hides surprises all year round, but Spring (September to November) brings on mild weather, clear blue skies and sprawling wildflowers that makes it a delight to visit.

There are plenty of activities and sights to enjoy, making Western Australia an ideal destination for every type of traveller. Just 5.4 flight-hours away from Kuala Lumpur, you will arrive in the capital of Western Australia – Perth, a city with a fascinating mix of urban and countryside with scenic landscapes melding beautifully into street upon street of vibrant lights holding the promise of a bustling nightlife. From Perth, you will be able to reach the other regions of Western Australia, such as Coral Coast, Golden Outback, North West and South West, with convenience and ease.

Here are seven reasons why Spring is the best time to visit Western Australia:


1. Take a cruise with the largest mammals on earth

If you’re in Western Australia from May to December, catch sight of mother nature’s most majestic beast in its natural habitat!

Whale watching season stretches from Spring to Summer each year and you can see three types of baleen whales – the Humpback Whale, the Southern Right Whale and the largest animal to ever live on earth, the Blue Whale.

Whale watching cruises depart daily from Fremantle and guarantee a whale sighting in the longest whale migration in the world. Around 35,000 whales make the journey home to Antarctica after raising their young in Western Australia’s North West, so you can join mothers with their baby calves on their epic journey home.

Between January and March, an expedition to the marine-life hot spot of Bremer Bay Canyon will bring magical encounters with Southern Hemisphere’s largest pod of killer whales – orcas.


Tourism Western Australia

Whale watching season stretches from Spring to Summer each year


2. Snap a new floral profile photo 

In Spring, Western Australia comes to life with bursts of colour as wildflowers pop up in every nook and cranny. The wildflower collection in Western Australia is the largest on Earth. Western Australia is famous for its wildflower biodiversity of over 12,000 species, 60% of which can only be found in the region.

Kings Park, one of the world’s largest and most beautiful city parks, hosts the Kings Park Festival in September and attracts up to a million visitors every year. Known as ‘the Greatest Wildflower Show on Earth’, the month-long celebration offers free guided walks, live music, science talks and other free, family-friendly activities among a sea of 3,000 native wildflower and plant species.


Tourism Western Australia

Over 12,000 species of flowers bloom every Spring in Western Australia


3. Experience the best of Western Australia wineries and wine tasting

Western Australia is home to eight sensational wine regions. Each has its own distinctive notes and signatures – from the international premium wine producers of Margaret River and the cooler-climate wines of the Great Southern to the boutique family-run vineyards and passionate artisans of Perth’s coastal plains and forested hills.

Located just 25 minutes’ drive from Perth, the Swan Valley is a place where world-class wineries, boutique breweries, distilleries stand proud. It is the oldest among Western Australia’s major wine regions and in Spring, the town goes back to its famous sleepy vibe after the hectic harvesting season comes to an end.

Home of more than 200 vineyards, Margaret River is one of the nation’s largest wine regions, producing more than 25 per cent of Australia’s premium wine. Meet the makers and sample their unique community life in the vineyards. Whatever your tastes, a premium local wine makes the perfect accompaniment to your Margaret River experience.

Tourism Western Australia

Western Australia is home to eight sensational wine regions


4. Bask in the setting sun among Western Australia’s most spectacular natural formations

Spring is the best time of the year to visit Western Australia’s most spectacular natural formation, the iconic limestone structures of Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park, due to the cool weather and clear night skies.

This extraordinary rock formation comprises of thousands of limestone structures rising up from the ground and stands up to five metres tall. Photographers flock to the Pinnacles for its many landscape photography opportunities, especially as the setting sun casts shadows across the Pinnacles and makes way for a clear view of the milky way.

Another great location to watch the sunset is from the top of Wave Rock, a multi-coloured granite forming a giant surf in the Golden Outback. Standing 15m high and stretching 100m, the interestingly shaped rock formation has weathered millions of years of wind and rainwater, changing colour according to the different times of day and reason.


5. Indulge in great food….

A bounty of unique fresh flavours can be found in Western Australia’s oceans and rivers, thanks to the incredible diversity of its marine habitats and inland waters.

A must try experience is enjoying a plate of fish and chips on the famous Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour wharf, and then walking around the marina to visit the nearby fish market and sampling some fresh oysters and lobsters.

Further from the city, the annual Margaret River Gourmet Escape in the stunning Margaret River Region is a celebration of the best of food and wine, as thousands of guests from around the world flock to the region each year to taste authentic local produce in spectacular surroundings. Margaret River is a culinary destination in its own right as it boasts some of Australia’s best ‘paddock to plate’ produce such as trout, fresh marron, cheeses, and the rare black truffle.


6. … And walk it all off!

Rottnest Island makes for a beautiful hike with coastal views, inland lakes and many other attractions to explore. Even if you stop by the island on a day trip, you can still take a hike on one of the many connect trails across the island and take in the natural beauty and wildlife around you.

The Wadjemup Bidi trails run along a length of 45 kilometres but is split into five easily doable sections of different difficulty levels that each boast culturally and environmentally significant landmarks to interpret and experience. Of course, most people come to Rottnest Island for the chance to take a selfie with adorable quokkas, and the wildflowers you spot along the way is only a bonus.


Tourism Western Australia

Rottnest Island makes for a beautiful hike


7. Take a surf break

Margaret River has over 40 powerful reef breaks to choose from

Margaret River has been ranked alongside Hawaii as one of the best big wave hot spots in the world. With over 40 powerful reef breaks to choose from, Surfers Point stands out from the rest with its world-famous 12 feet tall big peaks and constant barrels. For absolute beginners, there are plenty of surf schools along the beach, or if you’re not yet ready to hit the big waves, try kite surfing at the best flat water locations in Margaret River.

Keep in mind that September is the school holidays for Perth, so be sure to make all reservations for accommodation, tours and ferries early. For more information about Western Australia, kindly visit or its Facebook page,


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