By Gaya Travel on March 31, 2017


With growing concerns about climate change, many holiday makers are hoping to find ways to limit their impact on the environment. Home sharing is a great sustainable option to travel and explore, whilst also keeping a light footprint.

A study by Cleantech Group found that Airbnb homes consume less energy than traditional accommodation per guest night by 63 percent, and produce lower greenhouse gas emissions by 61 percent. There is also a reduction of up to 39% in water use per guest night; that’s 3,000 Olympic-sized pools!

Airbnb is a trusted platform for people to discover unique accommodation and experiences. By helping people share their homes, Airbnb is encouraging the efficient use of existing resources and sustainability awareness of both hosts and guests. Airbnb provides not just memorable experiences but also a more environmentally sustainable way of traveling.” said Robin Kwok, Airbnb Country Manager for Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Airbnb is celebrating International Earth Day with a handpicked list of the greenest homes across Southeast Asia. Memorable holidays for travellers who want to be mindful of their environmental footprint include the experience of living on a farm, staying in a green village community where you can spend time with a local school that specialises in teaching sustainability, and green and tranquil city breaks.




This eco-villa with its stunning architecture is entirely made from bamboo, including its luxurious floors, walls, stairs and roof with an innovative structure of bamboo shingles.

Set in the sacred Ayung river valley, it is surrounded by tranquil nature and is located in the unique Green Village, including an organic farm and a school with a curriculum focused on sustainable living, and where they grow their own food and generate most of their own power. There are workshops teaching guests how to construct buildings from bamboo and using coconuts for food, shelter and even soap!




Located in a scenic working village, and surrounded by untouched nature, paddy fields and the Geopark a UNESCO Heritage Site, this is a rustic rural retreat. This beautiful hut is a fully restored 100 year old traditional farmers dwelling, with modern luxuries and offers views of the Mat Cincang Mountain and encounters with water buffaloes, open country & coastal birds and the elusive nocturnal Colugo or Flying Lemur.



This beautifully handcrafted Tree house in a remote village in Bali, is made from recycled boat wood, bamboo, local limestone & local sustainably harvested timbers. Nestled up in the trees, it has a big veranda and is surrounded by an organic garden.



A little piece of oasis in bustling Bangkok, this cosy little cottage is in a quiet village just outside of the city centre. With a garden balcony, and surrounded by birdsong and trees, you’ll forget you are in one of the biggest cities in Asia.


Stay close to the famous Georgetown, Penang, but escape to a tranquil stylish paradise. Relax in a peaceful apartment after a day walking around the alleyways of Georgetown, and relax with a garden balconies and a sea view – what more could you ask for!


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