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“Fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it”. It is about the satisfaction felt from being in the open air. Being a fisher teaches you how to be disciplined, focused, and dedicated. Listed are the top 5 best fishing spots in Selangor!


1. Tanjung Harapan, Port Klang

Tanjung Harapan, Port Klang

Tanjung Harapan, Port Klang [Credit:]


Tanjung Harapan also known as the ‘Cape of Good Hope’ is located in Port Klang, Selangor. Tanjung Harapan is a 2km stretch of tree-lined shoreline bordering the Port Klang Golf Resort and is a calm oasis amid the bustling industrial estates and shipping terminals of the surrounding Port. Tanjung Harapan is also a great place to watch the sunset while fishing. There are a lot of jetties in Tanjung Harapan, but the entrance fee depends on the respective owners. Sea Lion and Pak Harun Jetty are the famous ones among fishing enthusiasts in Selangor.


2. Pulau Ketam, Port Klang

Pulau Ketam

Pulau Ketam [Credit:]

Pulau Ketam is an island mostly inhabited by the Chinese from the clans of Teochew and Hokkien. The Island is a mangrove island surrounded by mud flat area. There are four neighbouring fishing villages consisting of Ketam Island Township, Bagan Teo Chew, Sungai Lima and Sungai Dua. To get to Pulau Ketam, you need to take a ferry ride from the Port Klang jetty. For one-way ticket, it costs RM10 for adults and RM6 for children and for two-way ticket, it costs RM18 for adults and RM10 for children. One of the ferry providers is Alibaba Pulau Ketam Cruises which starts its operation from 7:30am until 7:30pm during weekend and 7:30am until 6:30pm on weekdays. Other than fishing, you can also wander around Pulau Ketam by renting a bike for RM5 per day and also enjoy fresh seafood sold near the Pulau Ketam jetty.



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3. One Fanthom Bank, Kuala Selangor

One Fathom Bank, Kuala Selangor

One Fathom Bank, Kuala Selangor [Credit:]

One Fanthom Bank located at Kuala Selangor is also known as Pematang Sedepa. There are two One Fanthom Bank lighthouses- the old and the new one, both of them are facing towards each other. A lot of people come here in a group for fishing and enjoying the stunning views from the One Fanthom Bank. To reach here, you need to take a boat ride from Tanjung Harapan or Port Klang jetty and the cost is depending on the rental provider.


4. Pantai Jeram, Kuala Selangor

Pantai Jeram, Kuala Selangor

Pantai Jeram, Kuala Selangor [Credit:]

Pantai Jeram is a waterfront beach that is popular among visitors that come here in huge number during weekends and public holidays. The beach itself lies along 2km stretch composing sand, rocks and shells shaded by abundant Casuarina trees. Pantai Jeram has become one of the favourite tourist areas in Selangor. Many fishing enthusiasts will try their fortune by casting their baits toward the sea hoping to get some fish. This beach provides an ideal place to have a peaceful, windy and carefree stroll at the beach.


5. Pulau Angsa, Kuala Selangor

Pulau Angsa, Kuala Selangor

Pulau Angsa, Kuala Selangor [Credit:]

Pulau Angsa is located off the coast of Kuala Selangor, and is a lush green island that owes much of its history to the Bugis who were among its earliest settlers. It is set around 2 hours from Shah Alam to the nearest jetty, Pangkalan jeram (Medan ikan bakar). You need to take a boat to reach Pulau Angsa. There are fisherman to bring you along the island- they would be more than willing to ferry you for a small fee. You might get fishes like the Fourfinger Threadfin, Spanish Mackerel, Golden Snapper and more.

The State of Selangor is home to various fishing spots. Fishers will attain great experience from this activity. We should always preserve the environment to put pollution to the very least.

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