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7 Unique Fusion Food and Drink for the Brave Foodies

Warning: The following list may trigger you.

Warning: The following list may trigger you.

Foodies are typically affectionate towards their food. Some are willing to travel for it, spend heaps of money for it, or even watch endless hours of food videos just to appease their devotion. While some foodies stick to their favourites or all-time classics, a brave bunch is willing push the envelope further by trying out unique fusion food (and drinks, of course) created by daring culinary experts. Below are some of the local edible oddities that you can find in Malaysia, which might just blow you over…

Sambal Petai Sotong Pizza at Mingle Cafe
Sambal Petai Sotong Pizza at Mingle Cafe (Photo by Mingle Cafe)

There seems to be a stink beans (petai) craze in the local food scene right now. We notice this notorious ingredient make regular, yet unusual appearances in many menus at both cafes and restaurants across the nation. One fine example is the sambal petai sotong pizza as featured at Mingle Café, Kuala Lumpur, which should be on every petai lovers’ list. The classic tomato sauce is replaced by the spicy sambal and generous amount of squids, including stink beans. Bonus points? The café is charmingly decorated with antiques, and its staff are incredibly friendly.

Indomie Pizza at US Pizza (Photo by US Pizza Setiatriangle)
Indomie Pizza at US Pizza (Photo by US Pizza Setiatriangle)

If you think petai topping is unique, wait till you hear about having noodles on top of a pizza dough. US Pizza, which is a pizza joint established since 1997, has recently revealed its latest seasonal offering that incorporates the well-loved instant noodles by Indomie for the price of MYR28 each. This hearty pizza also comes with chunks of grilled chicken, egg, spring onions and a dash of chilli to give it a spicy kick!


Burger Siam by myBurgerLab (Photo by myBurgerLab)
Burger Siam by myBurgerLab (Photo by myBurgerLab)

Originally inspired by a Thai salad, Malaysia’s homegrown burger joint MyBurgerLab, pays homage to the East Coast of Malaysia in the form of its Burger Siam that comes with a crispy fried chicken thigh smeared with unique Kelantanese budu mayo, paired with the joint’s most-celebrated fluffy bamboo charcoal bun, Thai salad and tangy yuzu vinaigrette for that exciting explosion of tropical flavours!

Nasi lemak and Malaysians are inseparable. Knowing this, the genius culinary team at Ruyi & Lyn decided to take one of Malaysia’s most treasured dish up a notch… by transforming it into a sushi! Don’t be fooled by its size as this miniatured nasi lemak still features all necessary components: fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaves, spicy sambal, eggs, crispy anchovies, and peanuts. And if that’s not enough, the sushi platter also comes with other local favourites that include Hainanese chicken rice and mango sticky rice. Ruyi & Lyn is a pork-free establishment.

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The first phase of Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia saw the rise of many ‘in quarantine’ or ‘lockdown’ food trends, including the Basque burnt cheesecake. The usual version has secured a firm spot in a many dessert lovers’ heart, but have you tried the cake in durian flavour? If you haven’t, then it’s time to head to Mingle Café again. The cake is rich and creamy with just enough sweetness, a perfect tribute to the Southeast Asia’s ‘King of Fruits’!

Tuk tuk artisan ice cream
Tuk tuk artisan ice cream (Photo by LiveLifeLah)

Hate it or love it, savoury ice creams are here to stay. The special tom yam flavoured ice cream served by Mr Tuk Tuk Malaysia is guaranteed to tease the most discerning palate. The mild hint of spicy tom yam creates a familiar taste, yet unique enough to prompt for another spoonful and works pretty well with the dessert’s creaminess. Mr Tuk Tuk has outlets at Starling Mall, Sunway Pyramid, Setia City Mall and Sunway Velocity.


Rojak Mocktail
Rojak Mocktail – a local-inspired drink featured in Jann Bar.

We know this sounds weird, but this mind-blowing Rojak concoction served at the gorgeous chinoiserie-styled bar, Jann, is truly delicious that each sip tastes more like a reward for those who are brave enough to order it. The combination of amra or hot plum, pineapple and lemon with the secret rojak ingredient sparks a familiar taste and leaves your palate with a thrilling sensation!

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If you feel that there are other types of unique fusion food in Malaysia that need to be on the above list, leave comments below!

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